Thursday, 31 January 2013

Can you tell what it is yet?

 Little t has developed a taste for painting objects other than himself and is currently turning out works of art.
Mr Frosty isn't talking to us as he was taken to the V E T where he was topped and tailed, that is his horns were debudded and his family jewels errrr debudded. He is uttering a mew every now and then several octaves higher than before. He now has options, Mr Whirlpool or pet, its down to him and how fast he learns not to pee on everything that moves, doesn't move or hasn't been peed on already.

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Anonymous said...

I thought after the Amberoise debacle, all male goat wethers end up Kurry. Acourse Frosty's father Boris is a sweety, and it would be interesting to see what a nonstinky version of him would be like. And also if a wether son of his will be as tall. But would you want a wether goat who is taller than Misty and Trevor ?