Friday, 1 February 2013

Keep taking the tablets.

We are almost there, the signs are good and Red Kite is ready for its next successful flight.

Now I never want to know what a heart attack feels like, and having cycled 30 miles in 82 mins 22 seconds I was pretty sure my heart was in good shape, especially as I went for a walk straight after. But late that night something strange happened, not pain, just a feeling, like being stood at the top of the tallest diving board. Not breathless but unable to breathe, not pain just uncomfortable. Heart rate was regular, but it felt like it was missing a beat. Or two.
Heart monitor on for the next 18 hours showed an average of 62bpm, resting rate of 52, but that feeling would not go away. So off I trot to the docs, for once he just shook my hand, and we chatted about that feeling. Wired into the matrix by a nice nurse who described in graphic detail how a heart attack would occur if I lay on my left side (crushes your heart as you sleep!) we looked at my ECG.
Super normal.
Lynford Christie normal.
 Time honoured medical advice of take two of these twice a day and wait and see.
 I was also given a pump spray in case my heart stopped, apparently a quick squirt, like WD40, got things moving.
And as per usual I ignored docs advice, did not take the medicine and got a lot worse.
 Back at docs two weeks later, hows it going, not good doc, the feeling, yes its changed to all the time, hows the meds working, errrr, chastised by frowning medic for not following medication, plugged back into matrix ECG super normal but still no medical explanation for the pre dive feeling.
 After being suitably told off by angry medic I went on my merry way and took the pills and put up with the side effects. Massive headache anyone?
Back to docs two weeks later, how you feeling, great, really, no, are you taking the pills, yes, really?, yes honest doc I am I got the headache and everything, good and whats happened, well its changed from all the time to about three times a day and its stopping me in my tracks, really? No I'm still cycling and the rest but feel like I got what John Hurt had.
The docs switched on, he got the Alien chest burster reference without google.
Heart results perfect, liver and kidneys fine, bloods fine, cholesterol fine.
 But that feeling.
Keep taking the tablets.
We shall see.

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Look after yourself Tony.