Friday, 13 October 2017

Naughty boy

 The morning patrol
 was its usual fine self
 nothing unusual
 save for finding this miscreant the wrong side of the border. Will.I.Am had made a break for England.
Along with his accomplice Snoops.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Moon walk

 A full moon was setting on the morning patrol
 hanging around as the sun rose.
 The clan led by The Rockmeister
 on top of the Bonsai Mountain
 ready for sun worship. Here is Sven,
 Mrs Bear and
our very old boy, Rocky enjoying the autumn sun rays.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

We need a bigger sofa

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Something must be done

 The annex roof has all but collapsed causing untold damage to the precious things stored within.
 Not wanting to have all the things I should have already thrown away have to be disposed of because of water damage yours truly risked life and limb to climb up, remove the 497 nails holding the cardboard colander together and carefully slide the old panels off.
 Naturally it being a job at Rock HQ it was under the close scrutiny of critters, the Berners being locked indoors once Ripley knocked the ladder down for a second time.
 This is the new roof before its final adjustments with a massive hammer, metal, with an anti slip paint and anti condensation coating, much better and much less likely to let water and yours truly through.
 Breakfast was al fresco out of army ration packs, the boys joined me for this feast.
Here they are contemplating the merits of army vegetarian sausages.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

8 Peaks Challenge

 This is a model village at the end of the ridge
 where we started our hike, actually the pub was shut so we abandoned plans to start here and drove to the other end to get a sandwich
 completely forgetting that by doing so we put 5 miles on the walk and so
 as we went round setting up the challenge, meeting the subsequent winner en route getting some sneaky practice in
 we found the whole thing
 very tiring
 great fun
 but most of all
 time consuming and finished very late. But the course is now set!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Get ready

 I have finally decided my next challenge, then added an interim one on account it seemed a good idea at the time.
 So, for 2019 I'm going to walk across England following the Wainwright route, 198 miles and 8681 metres of climbing and to make it interesting I'm going to do it in 4 days.
 Then because I have not ridden my bike much of late I entered a 300km road race for June next year.
 So today I ticked off another 150 metres of climbing for my Climb Everest anywhere challenge, making it 6800 metres done since 1 June and only 2000 to go.
Berners lead the way.

Time to nerd.

 The weather has been a bit peculiar but has given us some lovely rainbows over the cottage.
 And pretty dramatic sunsets.
But as its dark by 7.30 and there is no TV at Rock HQ it means plenty of time to be a nerd, hence this townscape appearing on the dining table.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Get on with it.

Having had a day meeting the collective nerd it was time to get on with the jobs list which today included clearing the runway, a horrible task give it had not been done since the digger was here and the ponies had exacted their revenge by making huge amounts of money in the form of hay turn into what yours truly was supposed to shift by barrow and spade.
These are the after pics, with Mrs Bear in attendance.
She has taken over the role of action Berner since her brother Spotty crossed over the rainbow bridge.
This young dog has landed on his paws, Rio seen here lounging by the poolside. About as far removed from dying in a drainage ditch in Romania as you can get!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

A day at the races

 Being a born again nerd yours truly felt the call to attend a nerd convention to see what other nerds are getting up to which is why I took the apprentice nerd with me to Newbury Race Course.
 Nerds as a collective have no sense of time as they stand around discussing the merits of a D6 saving throw which is why the signage was a tad out of date.
 But as a festival of nerds, this did not disappoint. There were hundreds of us them so yours truly and the apprentice mingled with the crowd to see the nerd displays. This a Russian French conflict,
 while this was something going on in  the desert
 while this was another Napoleonic bash.
 Being a trainee nerd requires calories and once refreshed
 it was back to it, this a lego under the sea game where there are no children at all playing with the toys. Nerds don't like their toys being played with by children.
 However, we did find a nice nerd who let yours truly and the apprentice play a game called TANKS
 and so it wasn't long before
 the apprentice was hooked
 and despite my best tactics
 he ended up King of the hill, his surviving Churchill tank defeated the finest German panzers.
 Naturally this meant he had gone up in the nerd ranks and so we spent some hard earned cash on a few more toys as nerds can never ever have enough.
 The apprentice was so happy he ran round the race course.
 While we had been inside looking at hundreds of toys soldiers and war games the local wildlife had been having a game of their own
using Stan as target practice!