Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Watch this space!

 Something very exciting is happening to this building, it should have happened already but the small gods of weather disruption are having their fun and games at the moment so its been delayed a few days, so watch this space!

So as the weather keeps us entertained the critters are doing there best to keep us occupied. Barely had the words "Shes doing really well, what a good girl" by my beautiful and oh so patient wife been uttered when Eva, the agoraphobic goat, who was being milked by yours truly to get life saving sustenance for Mr Frosty (who else) the enormous billy kid that is currently snoozing in front of the rayburn, hoofed the container of milk over my left leg. Undeterred I began milking again and just about replaced what I was crying over when what sounded like a bomb going off made my reflexes tried and propel me away from the danger while my brain was screaming its only a goat fart, my nose in the emissions area urged evasive action and the resulting confused neural messages prompted enough action to tip the second attempt to get Mr Frosty's breakfast over my right leg.

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