Monday, 7 January 2013

Racing spoon sir?

On your mark! Little t counting down to a racing start!

For reasons best known to myself I decided to buy some new sports kit late Saturday night, no I hadn't been drinking, I was prompted by an advert on TV, and so turning to the Internet I logged on and spent a bit of my Christmas dosh on some nice fresh Lycra. I was given the option of fast delivery for an extra £3.99 or standard delivery for free. Being as watertight as a ducks rear I chose the free option accepting that my order would take until next Thursday to reach me. Job done I retired.
Sunday night I received an emither telling me my order had been dispatched.
This morning I was searching the clean washing for my padded trousers, cycling for the use of, and once I had donned my full Mamil gear I shut the front door just as a large white van arrived to deliver a large box full of nice clean sports kit.
I remember them..............

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spiderlover said...

Yes, I know the shopping temptation web site well and as 99% of online shops don't even know where Orkney is and so charhe a stupid amount for delivery, the said shop gets an awful lot of our custom. far too much really as it's way too easy to spend the dosh but hey, everybody needs a treat now and then.....more now that then!