Thursday, 9 August 2018

Holiday time

 With record breaking temperatures and endless days of sunshine you can guarantee the week we choose to go away the weather broke and it rained. But you would not be able  to tell from the pics here. So back again to our favourite holiday home thanks to a good mate who lets us stay.
 You know when its holiday with the arrival of new paperbacks and gin.
 Day one the boys set about creating a mess, I mean making a scalextrix set and
 making pictures by hammering bits of wood to cork
 allowing yours truly to make models.
 Monday morning it had stopped raining so went to explore the beach and forest by MTB and found the dispute over access still unresolved but that didn't stop us.
 The tide did though so made it back along the causeway without the need for lifeboats.
 NATO standard breakfast.
 Airfix speed competition
 I won.
 Dont let the boys dress themselves as they get their bags mixed up.
 Crowded beaches but we coped
 Arfur dog enjoying being the only K9
 Kite flying
 Radio hide and seek
 How much sand can you get in your trainers competition .
 Ready for painting
 Some view
 Rhossili beach crab cemetary
 abandoned bike and shipwreck
 View over Rhossili
 Cute for once
 Mumbles lighthouse mission
 to get there and back without drowning
 and as if by magic the causeway appeared
 so yours truly and the apprentice had a good look around
 compulsory selfie
 Gun position
 Explorer position
 Mumbles beach
 Arcade addict
 Birthday girl
 Cricket practice
 More lego
 Birthday tea
 Might have got the candles the wrong way round
 Small toys
 Arty farty
 Lego Centurion
 The long drop. Now Ive ridden it it holds no fear for me .
 Swap a nice bit of cheese for that smelly old fish you've found?
 Lego self repair mode
 Sea horse
 A question of balance
 Arty farty
 When hes not reciting his times tables he is in the sea
 Happy family
 Wet n dry
 The Starks!
 We had to dig him out before the tide came in but for a while he was quiet
 Last barby
 Last cream tea view.
And its goodbye for another year.