Monday, 12 February 2018

I'm not moving!

Poppy the pathetic triever refusing to come in until she has been taken for a walk.

Like a bad Penny

Penny, used to be called Pi, as in life of, not the infinity project, anyway a very skinny militia sheep who spent 3 month hiding in our field and despite best efforts from the K9 clan and yours truly steadfastly refused to be moved on to pastures new.
Since then she has teamed up with our last remaining Ryeland, Snowy and the pair wreck havoc as only a woolly duo can. Until the other day when she went missing presumed pie filling. She turned up late at night causing mayhem as any sheep of worth would when announcing her arrival back at Rock HQ where 23 sleepy K9's were waiting.
Today she has reappeared after disappearing from the safe place where no pie makers are allowed, Goatanamo, where she was fed and watered regular with Snowy. Clearly this was not to her liking and proving the rule of smallholding, animals will get through a hole half their body size, she did. But today shes back again. Like a bad Penny. Hence the name change.

More like it

 A late start meant that yours truly had time to wander up the Bonsai Mountain
 and enjoy the sunshine and higher altitude snow.
 Mrs Bear
 Not as much as Switzerland
but a good start.

Snow joke

 We had a severe weather warning. Unfortunately the amount of white stuff did not prevent me going to work.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Fast mover

 This is Bala one of the rescues, very elderly giving me the
 do not disturb and mop around me please look.
He doesn't move much.

Monday, 5 February 2018

The Three Bears

I hate shopping. Thats a lie. I hate shopping for anything other than food, records, models or adventure gear. I have a set route in town that hardly ever varies. I had to vary this weekend and found these three hogging a doorway. No idea why.

Friday, 2 February 2018


Thursday, 1 February 2018

The life of Pi

Late last night a noise roused yours truly, so it had to be a loud one. Outside the culprits were found. Snowy and Pi were creating a kaffufel around the buckets. This was a good thing. Pi is a militia sheep and they had a round up for pie woolly fillings and we had sort of thought of hiding Pi (see what I've done there ) the lone sheep who jumped into our fields last October and despite numerous attempt to persuade her to join her tribe she has steadfastly stuck to hanging around and getting breakfasts and dinners, plus all the hay she can eat. Yesterday when we got back from work she was missing and it has to be said we were sad. Which is why when the sheep equivalent of "I'm back" occurred she was welcomed with another free dinner and not a wellington boot up the jacksy. How she managed to escape the gathering is a mystery but to avoid further mishap she is now in a safe enclosure with Snowy.