Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

2012 is about to depart and be replaced by 2013, no real time to recap such a memorable year. A year where the Queen celebrated her diamond jubilee, the UK did a great job of the Olympics (which we missed in its entirety thanks to no TV!) and I did something new on the extra day of the year (the 29th February) and got back on my bike. The weather seems to have been the most talked about ever as well as the wettest, we went from planning for drought in February to buying blue prints for an ark by midsummer. There were some clear days and thankfully one was the BBMC 2012 which was a great day and training for 2013 has started. The OTT walk did not take place but plans are set for a huge challenge in 2013, Pedals to Peak, see margin.
Smallholding got a bit out of hand, our randy boar got all our sausage pigs pregnant and we ended up with 7 litters of piglets, all of which are cute but all of which grow huge and cost a packet to feed. Feed prices went mental, costing some 20% more than at the start of the year. We lost Hazel, or rather we wished we had but she limped on and then after a proper mechanic looked at her and declared her inoperable we had a huge stroke of luck and found a bank account with money in and bought Miranda.
Animals came and went, we said goodbye to Hetty and Kobe, Kobe was helped into the world by yours truly, a vet and two rather startled builders who thought they had just come to install windows and found they had to help pull a calf out its mother. Not wanting to eat such a precious calf we gave her to someone who isn't so squeamish and as of yesterday Kobe and Hetty are still causing merry hell on another smallholding. We lost Pip and Montana, much loved K9's but gained Bear and Missy, and just before Christmas two more joined us, Elf and Minnie.
Most of the pork has gone but we still have more than I can eat in one year in various pens across the smallholding, these are to be thinned out in the new year to more manageable numbers but Pam has dropped two more into the straw store just for laughs. Projects have been completed (nearly) like the aviary, the new fireplace, little ts room, the garden and the first Berner treasure hunt was a great success raising a lot of dosh for charity.
Horses have been trained to carry us around, bikes have been repaired, and broken again.
Red Kite continues to fly high and we have big plans to roll out in 2013 regarding our fostering agency.
In all its been a great year, the weather has been wetter than we would have wanted, but into every life a little rain shall fall. Just because its a months worth every day for days on end is no reason to whinge. Much.
Life at Rock HQ is full of joy, little t brings most of it, the animals, family and friends bring the rest. A huge thank you to everyone who has in any way supported us over the last 12 months, to those who kindly donated to our charity fund raising, others who bought the critters food by donating though the paypal button, pig club fans and everyone who takes time to read and comment on the daily ramblings contained in these pages, we appreciate your kindness, thoughts and comments. We hope that 2013 is everything you want it to be and look forward to sharing our year with you.

Happy New Year!


spiderlover said...

A Happy New Year and a healthy one to all at Rock HQ and thank you for such an interesting, amuzing blog which is my first thing to look at when the computer goes on each morning :)

Anonymous said...

Peace and happiness to you all Tony. Maybe it will be this year we catch up!