Thursday, 24 January 2013

Five a day

 Early doors gave me just enough time to take a few snaps of the picturesque iciness just in case I didn't get back in daylight. 
 The icicles are growing, as is the pile of pooh outside the stable because trying to wheelbarrow it on the downhill luge is an extreme sport that I have yet to master.
 Inquiries as to the well being of Mr Frosty have come in thick and fast, so thanks for asking, and here is an update. He's doing fine, I on the other hand have to run the gauntlet of milking his bonkers mother everyday, so one of us is growing well, enjoying central heating and interesting playmates while the other is nursing bruises and changing out of milk sodden clothing.
 Little t thinks Mr Frosty is ace
 while Holly is not so sure.
 Back to healthy eating
 the joy of carrot and cheese, or as we would call them melon and pineapple, well he got the colours right.
Learning to drive is a bit trickier than identifying food groups but he's having a go.

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