Thursday, 3 January 2013

In the dog house

Gremlins have invaded the bloggersphere so no pictures.
Just as well really as the great Great Dane Minnie has learned to open the front door of HQ and in the few hours she was left to her own devices she did what any bored teenager does and had a house party with a few friends. It could only have been worse if she had advertised the fact on facebook. No exaggeration is required to describe the carnage she and several Bernese created, ably assisted by a Cocker Spaniel and a Retriever.  Somehow, and this is strange, one or all of them managed to press the computer keyboard in the required way to search our emails for all references to Great Danes, all of which were highlighted and displayed on screen when we returned. The chocolates on the desk were the intended target, as was another box on the windowsill, a 20kg bag of dog food was opened in the kitchen and brought for more comfortable snacking on the sofa. A camera bought the farm, as did a picture on the wall halfway upstairs of he who cannot be named, thankfully it wasn't his presentation passing out parade pic. One of them made a lovely sculpture of pooh in the living room, then knocked it on its side so the others could make their own models out of it. Satisfied with their efforts they then hid upstairs to make it a real surprise party on my return. How we laughed.


Anonymous said...

And to think I was warming to the idea of giving her a new loving home!

Fizz said...

Whoops! I'm such a good girl, I would never do anything like that at all :)