Saturday, 9 February 2019

The light fantastic

 The days are getting longer
 and its only a few weeks to spring time
 which means more daylight hours
 for walks
with the clan,

They are real

 Since the pigs have arrived the local greengrocer has been a great help by giving us all their over ripe fruit and veg which goes down a treat and costs us nothing.
 Todays selection included plums, kiwis, bananas, greens and oranges. I was very surprised at how much they liked the citrus fruit.
Rug Rat Mk2 decided to help me feed the critters as he now has a unicorn to look after. Yes they are real, rare, but real.
 The apprentice also has a pony which is being schooled by MBAOSPW.
 But he is getting to grips with the basics of feeding and grooming.
 Clearly the bond between RRMk2 is forming
 and as we all know the unicorns horn only appears on magic days.
The strange rumbling sound from the back of the stables is three very content pigs snoring.

Happy days

 Because of our dogs we have made some amazing friends over the years and Nick and Wanda who used to have a lovely pair of big Berners, Morgan and Oliver, Morgan was brother to our Reuben, needless to say as they are keen Berner fans they are lovely people and great friends of Rock HQ. Sadly they lost their lovely boys last year so as we have puppies who are grandchildren of Reuben and so related to Oliver they thought they would come and have a look. Smitten by the look of them.
 So we went for a nice lunch at our favourite eatery
 the boys loved the clean car and the kiddie seats at the back.
 Once lunch was had we came back to see the mutleys
 who behaved well
 and this little chap
 seems to have stolen the hearts of Nick and Wanda so their just come and look trip turned into that ones ours trip. Hes going to have a lovely life spoilt rotten no doubt with lots of canal trips to look forward to.
 Talking of spoiled rotten this is Riley, living the life of, well herself.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Bigger than we thought

 The bathroom makeover is not going to plan....things seldom do but this has gone from replacing all the stuff and fix the leaky shower to replace ceiling walls and floor as well.
 The plaster on the walls was held up by the wallpaper and as it was the original muck put up sometime around 1795 could probably do with renewing.
 Which is why the bath room looks like
 this and is a long way
 from being finished.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Snow joke

 Braced for impact....after much anticipation we were expecting the big freeze, the coldest days and nights of winter....ever! So worried were we that for once prepared we bedded every living creature down in deep litters of fresh straw, installed extra heating in the aviaries and bought bottled water for the inevitable water shortage caused by frozen pipes.
 As it was it did get mightily cold, but not enough to worry brass monkeys.
 And the snow was disappointing to say the least.
 It did keep the boys occupied for a while though.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Repeat after me!

 These are pets not sausages....
 You sure?
Yes, repeat after me ...Pets not sausages...Pets not sausages.....

The end is nigh

 Regular readers might remember some 3 years ago the disaster that befell the bathroom when a builder and his monkey made a right pigs ear of fitting out our bathroom resulting in a room not fit for purpose, wet furnishings in the downstairs rooms when we used the bath or shower and a peculiar floating sensation when trying to balance on the toilet.
 Not to mention the wrecked floor, damaged bath, inept pipework and a whole catalogue errors that meant court action to get our money back.
 We have now managed to save enough (the tax man took the money we got back, easy come easy go) and have two very nice capable reliable and above all skilled builders fitting the replacement bathroom and making good the damage.
 Naturally yours truly was involved, as ever watched by an attentive Berner, in this case Mrs Bear.
 The radiators the last lot should have removed are now outside.
 The tiling they did was direct on to wall paper which is apparently a bad thing. But the plaster behind the wallpaper was the original mud and horsehair stuff so it all had to come off.
 Much to Mrs Bears annoyance as she wanted a walk.
 Then the floor had to be replaced, as did all the pipework,
 but with 3 of us on it for 3 days it almost
looked like a bathroom.......roll on next weekend when round two begins.

Friday, 1 February 2019


 After a very long time the rear screen has now been replaced on Stan the delay caused by the glass having to be sent from Thailand. Not sure how they sent it, by sea slug judging by the speed of delivery
 but I expect we will have to get used to delay following Brexit. Ha you thought you could escape it, its even here!
Naturally the whole replacement glass scenario was watched by two very interested K9's who have been wondering why they have not been allowed out it the car of late.