Thursday, 30 November 2017

Different worlds

 This turned up on a roundabout not too far from Rock HQ along with a lovely pony using the county's only roundabout as a play pen. The horse was everso well cared for, so sensing the chance for a bit of a chinwag with someone who has an alternative lifestyle yours truly stopped to say hello.
Unfortunately I must have chosen the only time the occupant of the van was out, a sign said "Hes only being a baby, back in a bit" referring to the horse whinnying its discontent at being left humanless. So I left, after leaving a bag of horse treats and human goodies with a note saying see you have a nice life.  
I have one.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Its good to walk

 Today was supposed to be the day I summited Everest... so it was a good clear morning...but unfortunately when I did my sums I was 50m short of the 8848 metre target set to complete the challenge. So another day and it will be done. Depending on weather, kids, horses, dogs and work.
 Reuben was walk leader today
 along with Rippers
 The Bonsai Mountain
 The way home
 Lads! Sven and Noel. Two years old now, time flies, Berners are not long for this world so they are big lovable dogs.
 So it was with sadness that we said goodbye to Buddy, this family pic shows him, along with his Grandma Lucy, Uncle Chester and dad Rocky. Buddy was a great dog and will be missed by the Northern Contingent of the Dolyhir Clan. Rocky is the only survivor of this pic.
Isla the youngest triever is growing....

Friday, 24 November 2017

Round 2!

 With the electric screwdriver resolutely refusing to assist in any way other than being a hammer round 2 began with the usual confusion caused by 4 different cartons containing the bits to four potential pieces of furniture. Logic dictates that each box should contain the parts for one piece but since when has logic ever been involved in packaging.  Once the parts for drawer unit 1 had been located in box 2, 3 and 4 which is where the instructions were also found
 work began at a breakneck speed, blisters allowing, but there was no way in any shape or form that yours truly was going to match the approximate time for assembly 2 hours sticker on the instruction manual.
 By the time the apprentice returned the makeover was almost complete with the
 pair of them occupied by yesterdays efforts
 while the rest of us tripped over Mrs Bear who decided to take up residence while I finished off the clear up. Job done
 it was time to see the little fatty puppies
who appear to be growing by the minute.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

One down one to go

 Time passes so slowly....ahem...seems like only yesterday that the apprentice was contained in a Thomas the Tank Engine bed while RRMK2 exercised his lungs in a cot, now both of them have outgrown the bed and each others company in the same room at night time. Too many late night conversations, pillow fights and lego sessions has meant the time has come to have separate rooms. So with the kiddies safely away at supergrandmas the grand plan is wheeled into action alongside 8 big boxes of self assembly furniture.
 The plan was to do this after the roof was fixed but that is another story, so phase one clear room complete.
 Phase two persuade errant Romanian shitsoo to get off flat pack boxes.
 Phase three curtail desire to throw flat packs out of bedroom window and set about assembling bunk bed while MBAOSPW tells me its just like a big Airfix kit isn't it. Avoid tripping over little shitsoo.
 Phase 4 test assembled bed for strength, cry because of blister from screw driver (electric one decided to break) order curry and shout at instructions when you find guide time for assembly is 1.5 hours and its taken 5.
Phase 5 ignore the fact that tomorrow means this room will be subject to a similar makeover.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Surprise surprise....

 Just about this time last year this silly girl was sat on this very sofa recovering from a leg amputation after getting herself severely injured whilst trying to get to the boys, such is her desire to get up the duff. So fast forward 12 months three weeks ago and we find she is getting rather tubby.
 This is why, she was pregnant with 6 very healthy pups, 3 boys 3 girls. Now the parentage was disputed as I saw Bryn the retriever practising and then found Reuben had bunked up for the night with her but as she was not in season no problem. 
 But Elf doesn't have a normal reproductive cycle and her desire to be a mum overwhelms everything else and so we now have 6 little fatties in the dining room.
Probably means another sofa is going to be required.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Cutting Crew

 Tis the time for chainsawing
 and naturally no job at Rock HQ
 can ever take place without a posse of Berners to keep an eye on yours truly and perhaps run off with the accidentally severed limb.
 Rocky, the old man, decided to engage in a bit of rock climbing
 while his daughter WooZah decided to dig to Australia.
 Posing amongst the wreckage of the sycamore tree.
At dusk we were treated to a no rain bow. With the sun being so low it was raining across the valley but the rainbow sprang up here.

The Russians are coming

 Work continues at a leisurely pace on the Russian 15mm army
 its growing to a fair size.
I went a bit OTT on the Hussars....

There's no-one quite like supergrandma

 After weeks of secret keeping the cat was finally about to be let out of the bag. Supergrandma was having her 70th birthday and unbeknownst to her it was about to happen at a very posh place as the muck and mud of Rock HQ was not quite fit for the type pf celebration planned.
 A lovely birthday tea party
 Naturally we all dressed suitably.
 And thanks to the extremely careful planning and not telling the apprentice or RRMK2 the real reason for the party the surprise was absolute!
 Here she is recovering from the surprise.
 Here is RRMK2 about to get amongst the sandwiches, which were amazing.
 Lots of lovely people to share the afternoon with, one day he might build his spitfire :)
 Guest of honour making a speech.
 The apprentice watching the video of his speech. All in all it was the best bit of a do ever and a fitting tribute to a wonderful lady who has helped us all at Rock HQ immeasurably.
Back at the ranch the tri pawed hussy was still in one piece!

Friday, 17 November 2017

It is real

Hes arrived. Rainbow Lego Batman.

Work in progress

 The 15mm
panzer division is looking good, so far. Nerd.