Thursday, 28 April 2016

Why bother?

 The cottage is undergoing a makeover and a few weeks ago the rayburn was humanely destroyed leaving the house without a warm heart. So a new transplant has arrived which will be cleaner, more efficient, warmer but unable to bake cakes. But with this going on
the question arises why did I bother to decorate the Dining Room last week? Answers on a postcard please.

Round one

 Another nano adventure has taken place with yours truly and a non Steve taking on the Kington 8 peaks challenge, an event set for September sponsored by Red Kite Fostering so we thought it best we recce the route and take part. This is the view from the top of Bradnor Hill, the highest gold course in England which as we all know is a good walk ruined.
 Much poring over maps had given us what we thought was the optimal route, the question needed answering as to whether it was better clockwise or anti.
 We decided anti and here we are heading off Rushock towards Herrock with Offas Dyke pointing the way to the Bonsai Mountain in the centre distance.
 A better view of the Bonsai sat in the middle, that would be our destination in about an hour and half.
 Herrock looking over to Stanner
 with a great view of The Walton Bowl below us
 which forced a pose from non Steve
 and the compulsory selfie.
 Looking back to Herrock from the edge of the forest that covers Stanner
 and a steep climb saw us at the top.
 Terrain from this point was more difficult and the only error in maps led us into a massive bramble patch that took some escaping from but soon we had ticked off Old Radnor Hill, or what's left of it after the quarry have hacked great lumps off it
 and claiming Worzel Wood summit where we can see the effort needed and the Bonsai Mountain lurking in the background.
 That done Hergest was the final peak and a gentle jog back
 turned into a full on race to to beat the turn in the weather.
Back at Red Kite HQ, job done, smiles all round, 4 hours 46 minutes, 13.09 miles, av pace 21.53 per mile climbing 2464 feet overall. Route was good, have to be quicker on the day to get in the medal table!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Guess what's back!!

Yesterday in an effort to prevent cabin fever after a week of confinement due to illness, bit of hyperbole, in other words thanks to man flu I have not been training, I got out on the hill on a 13 mile route march and found this green menace growing rapidly. Its back, really early this time.
Talking of early birds, I saw a house martin today. Again a bit earlier than usual. About 5 pm.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Now what?

The dove cote has landed. Not sure what happens next.

Back again

 Dawn saw a fantastic sunrise so I headed off up the Bonsai Mountain again with the demi clan.
 Despite his lack of crutia ligament Mr Bear still makes it to the top.
 Looking back across yesterdays peaks.
 The old lad, Rocky.
 Spotty and WooZah in the distance.
 Rockmiester posing.
 WooZah lying down on the job.
Mr Bear

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Half way there

 As part of the Kington Walking Festival, Red Kite Fostering are sponsoring the 8 Peaks Challenge which links the 8 big hills north of Kington into one masochistic trail. As it was a sunny afternoon and part of this years man test is to canter up and down the three biggest mountains in three countries of the UK yours truly decided to recce the last half of the route and 12 minutes after setting off found himself at a point where it stopped being easy.
 Thanks to the quarry the top of the first hill was inaccessible (read missing) but it did provide
 a great view of the Bonsai Mountain.
 Further along I found a graveyard that I had not ever seen before, something to go back later and look at and once again I headed uphill
 via a forest track
 which soon became really steep
 and then impossibly steep
 but once again I found myself on a summit, one I have always looked at and wondered how to get there.
 So here yours truly is, very happy with Worzel Wood and the Bonsai Mountain waiting to be bagged below and behind me.
 If only it was as easy going as this all the way.
 It was in fact mightily difficult with ample opportunity to get lost in disney style woodland where I met the forest folk, deer, rabbits and squirrels all watched my progress (lack of) with a big buzzard flying ahead of me down an avenue of fir trees. I totally expected to hear Snow White singing in the distance.
 More tricky bits conquered
 I crossed the last flat bit before heading skyward again.
 Up a nightmare track which was even worse on the way down
 until finally reaching the style leading to the Bonsai Mountain where I chose an insane route up
 as it was the steepest and longest route, here we are looking back over Worzel and out towards Stanner, the last two peaks bagged.
 Obligatory selfie taken I headed off down the North Face Gulley
 which is a forbnidding maze of gorse and rocks
where at the bottom my supporters welcomed me with rapturous applause. Or not. 2 hours 8 mins for 10km, as my school report says, could do better, meanwhile I am crawling off the die quietly. Well not too quietly as I'm a bloke.

Danger UXG

Its been  a long time since the last explosion but this silly girl managed to gorge herself on horse feed, basically mugged the horses as yours truly did not stand and supervise, goats having terrible table manners,Alana could not help herself, or rather she did, and so the inevitable happened, or is about to happen as she was not got to in time with the goat diffusion kit. I made her as comfortable as possible and sandbagged the area and waited. Shortly after this pic she went bang and is now an ex goat.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Its a monster!

 Playing "Who's that trip trapping over my bridge"
 we see Thunderpaws
 quite possibly the biggest ever Bernese Mountain Dog
 with the tiniest of brains. So he's sat on the rickety old bridge.
With just enough room for Spotty to squeeze by.