Monday, 13 September 2021


Will.I.Am, the Houdini of the equine world decided to go walkabout which meant 
yours truly also went walkabout with a load of K9s
to seek him out
in the wilderness.
Thankfully he isn't as stupid as Benjy and knows the ridge might have its attractions but is deficit in buckets of horse nuts 
hot and cold running hay
and sliced apples. 
Once the naughty horse was back in the corral 
we had a beer or three and a barby. Here is Ace giving it a clean after we've used it. 

Monday, 30 August 2021

fun day

Been a while since were last at this Zoo
in fact RRMk2 was in a push chair last time we were there. 
Thankfully neither needed pushing around or their bums changed while we were out 
enjoying the unfettered access to the wild animals.
The Zoos efforts to recreate the habitat of those creatures contained within sometimes makes it difficult to spot them, this Red Panda for instance was a lot easier to see than the tree shrew in a similar area. 
This asian bear mad it easy by sitting on top of its tree,
while the Rhino tried to hide behind the fence.
Not doing well 
is she. 

On his holidays


The Technohermit has returned for his holiday and promptly ran out of water so yours truly took some up to him in return for a cuppa. He's 84 now and still cycling. Hence the shorts. 

Garden ornament

The boys found a garden ornament they really liked, so would I at that price!
Plotting Olympic success. 
They decided a walk to the river was in order 
as as we have not been for a while it seemed like a good idea.
The sunlight dappled the forest floor and all was well in the world.
Ace waiting for the apprentice to reappear.....
that's him then.
Someone took the river though. 
Lunch was their own concoction. 
Arty farty time. 


Friday, 27 August 2021

Necessity the mother of invention

Work ground to a halt on the games room due to an inability to lift up the plaster boards and screw them to the ceiling. A combination of gravity, weight and lack of hands meant it was never going to happen. 
As this needed doing and lacking help yours truly turned to the tinternet to see how professionals did it. 
Well they use a special lifty thing that grips the board lifts it up rotates to any position and even angles the right way. So as I was not a professional and definitely a hoarder I soon found a substitute board lift. Say soon and avoid talking about failed attempts with bales of hay and two long benches. Anyway this acroprop salvaged when I was given a home gym (don't ask) lay in wait just asking to be used. 

 With a quick bodge it held the boards up and in place rotated to the right angle. Sometimes I impress myself. 

Big jobs

This shiny new beast has just arrived to help with the big jobs ...... such as the swimming pool. 
In order to accommodate that some garden has to be removed. 
Maybe its better idea to leave the garden alone and build a new stable instead. Decisions decisions. 
Meanwhile evidence abounds of the kids go kart project, 

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Opening time

With covid being banished by good old Boris and his gang restrictions have lifted to such an extent that the boys favourite restaurant is back to normal 
which is why I had to suffer the traumatic ordeal of Pizza Hut.
It was a thankless task but I managed it.
The ice cream factory is back in action, this made the apprentice very happy. 

lads time

Being the keen outdoors type
yours truly and the boys went for a short camping break and again 
being the tough out doors type some friends came along to help keep an eye on the kids.
This was how we imagined it to be, sunshine, barbeque and fun. 
Perfect weather, which was not forecast to last. 
So we made the most of it 
while it lasted, right up until the following days breakfast when it all changed. 
Bacon always makes things better.
Wet weather programme was Harlech castle which was shut. 
So the fun fair then.
Kept them occupied
until the lure of the arcade proved too alluring. 
That kept us going until lunchtime. 
A short walk in  the rain meant we had to  dry off with quiet time.
Following day we were braving the weather back on the beach. 
But the main event 
after a quick trip to a medieval attraction that was shut
was the go karts. This meant that all the bad weather was forgotten and they were happy as Larry, although a rather damp Larry. 
Back at the camp site which was rapidly becoming our favourite camp site we all watched in eager anticipation the latest barbeque offering.
I went for the shrooms we foraged on another wet walk. 
Breakfast baguette got the next day off to a good start
which was just as well as the weather was off to a really bad start 
but in a weather window we went for a walk around the lake and found the Celtic Rain Forest.
Plus the remains of a forest past its sell by date which infuriated the boys
but the size of the ex magnox reactor diverted their attention 
as did the war memorial 
and a very strange 400 metre long foot bridge which 
was a test of bottle.
By now the weather was truly awful and thanks to our great gear we didnt need the services of these volunteers.
The race back to the tent was won by Alex who fancies himself as an Olympian. 
Good kit doesn't necessarily mean you stay dry. 
The five star tent meant we did sleep in the dry despite the heaviest rain ever. 
The level of the lake rose considerably. 
Some 5 inches fell in the 4 days, but we can handle that. Who needs hotels when you have tents.