Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A change of scenery

Only time for two more trips up the Bonsai Mountain until the big assault of Kilimanjaro. Yours truly goes from high excitement to higher anxiety over the next two weeks and the numerous challenges faced. What is certain is that I will be very homesick.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Friends in high places

 Micro goats
high level friends

Monday, 9 January 2017

Reservoir dog!

 This is our eldest Berner Rocky
 helping me
 fix the water supply and hopefully stave off no water because its frozen routine. An Arctic blast is set to arrive Saturday but as I'm in Tanzania yours truly will be worried about other things.
 Obviously what goes up must come down.
But this is one giant leap for a ten year old Berner!

No room!

 You are welcome to sit down,
if you can find a space!

It wasn't me!

Apparently Rocky didn't do this to his bed, a big dog did it and ran away!

Monday, 2 January 2017

Start as you mean to go on

 New year, new sunrise, well actually day 2 as day 1 was pouring with rain
 so yours truly loaded like a pack horse set off up Hergest
 in time for the sunrise and time for the clan to refuel on drool fuel
 from Vaughns pool.
 Naturally yours truly took every opportunity to take arty farty shots
 and several K9's posed
 or photobombed shots
 but the Whetstone with sunlight topping made it without interruption.
 Day dawn turned to beautiful day so the peacocks made use of the sun trap on the roof
 while I toiled away shifting crap from horses bottoms that was all over the stable floor and Spotty re arranged signage
 warning walkers of what lurks at the top of our lane.
Later on I got to play with the apprentice's lego, which has changed some what.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Back to work

 The final days of 2016 were spent back at my desk but to  make it less painful
 the commute
 to work
 was inspiring
 and set me up for the day
 as its hard to be miserable on days like this.
Especially when 2016 has been so good. Rio joined us for one!

Saturday, 31 December 2016


 As the epic adventure of Kilimanjaro in now only days away a last ditch effort was made to lose 4 stone and get fit. This entailed teaming up with other members of team Kandoo, who arranged our trek, in Llanbedr, which for the uninitiated is just east of Crickhowell in the Black Mountains. Aim of the day was to complete the horseshoe walk start and finish at the church. In perfect weather we waited while one of the group rectified a navigation error which took her to St Peters Church, Llanbedr, but not this one, she was outside Builth Wells 40 miles north.
 Finally we set off in the frosty sunlight.
 9am and the sun had yet to clear the flanks of Sugar Loaf
 and as we climbed we could see the fog in the valleys.
 For us though it was clear sky and perfect visibility all the way.
 First take five stop saw one of the group head back, the route ahead looked very intimidating so she bottled it.
 I had Mrs Bear as my wing dog, she loved it despite being on a lead all day.
 The way ahead, all the way to the horizon, across and back again.
 Up here the elements are a challenge to flora, these trees show how much of a struggle it is to grow.
 More perfect views
 in every
 direction. Mrs Bear and yours truly sat and waited at the halfway point for the team to catch up.
 So Mrs Bear relaxed.
 Team Kandoo arrived, suitably dressed for the freezing weather and we had a quick lunch break.
 Mrs Bear tried to liberate sandwiches from an unwary hikers rucksack.
 I took the opportunity for a pose.
 13 mile mark and Mrs Bear attended to her paws, a bit sore now.
 I looked at the modern art left by a previous hiker.
 The final peak finally hove into view, but the sun was now setting
 so it was now a race against time to find the right route around Table Mountain before darkness engulfed us.
 Team Kandoo closed in on the summit
 while I explored the stone shelter
 and in the light of the setting  sun the mountain began to look a bit alien.
 Team Kandoo pressed on
 heading towards home, the peak of Sugarloaf rising above the fog.
 Another pose before wending our way back into Llanbedr
 in total darkness. A fantastic mountain day.
 Back at the ranch the apprentice reached another developmental milestone
by providing the tooth fairy with extra work.