Thursday, 25 August 2016

Highland adventures part one

 With Stan loaded to the brim with food, expedition gear (boats, more food, tents, a bit more food) and an action Berner perched on top
 Spotty and yours truly headed steadily north until the road ends at Mallaig harbour
 where Stan was dumped on the quayside
 and swapped for a more practical form of transport to complete the journey to Ardintigh Bay.
 Normally yours truly hikes the last 7 miles across country to meet the boat but his time I joined my fellow adventure seekers and their carrier bags of worldly goods on the boat ride.
 Being a salty seadog I struck a suitably heroic pose
 and looked with some trepidation at the Scottish summer around us.
 Having been trained by the Navy the old boat skills soon came back and it wasn't long
 before we made landfall, unpacked, ate a quick meal
 and retired to our bunks in the luxury appointed villas.
 Morning dawned despite sneaky low clouds and we
 began to have fun, Spotty in particular let his hair down.
 So another week of Highland Adventures began
 centred around Jocks Lodge.

Friday, 12 August 2016


Guess who's back!

 Its been a while but I have noticed new bones on the pile but after a prolonged absence techno hermit has returned. Mind you it was a bit difficult picking up the threads of a conversation from three years ago but yours truly soon mastered the knack of communicating again. Apparently I should have known that he was out of gas.
 Meanwhile Orla one of our Romanian rescues continues to dominate the sofa
 taking on all comers including Mr Bear who knows its his sofa really.
On she subject of food I was asked if I missed eating meat the other day, well when I'm eating food like this what's to miss?

Danger! Low flying...erm...clouds?

 Summer continues to surprise us with its weather.
Today the clouds were so low they blotted out the horizon.

Do something!


Hit the beach!!

 Birthday treat day involved a trip to the sun drenched beaches of Wales
 where Stan was put to good use again
 in the who can get the messiest
 eating birthday ice cream
 A clear winner was soon found.
 A lovely wander among the dunes
 interspersed with the boys playing army.
 The Rockstar was, as ever, looking out for us
 but as we were pretty much alone on the beach his guardian angel bit was not needed.
 The happy couple celebrating in the wind.
 Stan posed for a few pics.
 The ample bootspace just right for Berners and non Berners.
Tired much?