Friday, 18 September 2020

Part deux

The second phase of the garden makeover/ room is underway, this may keep the dogs out (read has no chance) but will offer some weather protection when we sit (like we have lots of time for sitting) and reflect on the joys of life. 

 This is exactly what Stevie is doing as she lies in the sunshine with her tongue hanging out. Happy pig. 


This is the moment the Scenes of Crime Officer realised that he has left his camera in the van at the bottom of the mountain.
So Mrs Bear stood guard,
well sort of lolled around really. That's about as poised as she gets. 

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

No Body home

On patrol of the Bonsai Mountain we noticed something strange at the Ghost House
You had to look carefully (dont look back!) but the door was no longer a door, it was a ajar (Boom! I'm here all week)
Foot prints showed that brute force had been used rather than a key
so being all good neighbours yours truly decided to have a look to make sure there was no burglar or body inside. 
The house belongs  to friends and they have not been back for a while, even pre pandemic they have not been seen for a considerable time so it looks like someone has taken the opportunity to see if there is anything worth stealing.
Its a bit of a fixer upper
with a few mod cons.
The ceiling upstairs is trying to get to bed.
The house was as expected empty 
so once I secured the door as best I could I collected the K9s and the apprentice waiting patiently outside and went to break the news to the owner that his holiday home has been violated. 

Something for the weekend?

 Rock HQ had another delivery.... the final stages of the garden makeover arrived in bags. Watch this space.
Today the apprentice went back to school for the first time since March, He has grown a bit.

Monday, 14 September 2020

Creatures of habit

Our equines have a number place they can wander around and some, like Benjy the big shitland is abusing the privilege by roaming in the wilderness and refusing to come home. Here you can see Trevor Shetland poised on his perch ready to swoop down and dish out death and destruction to mere mortals. 
This is Pronto watching me as I set about the mornings chore. Horses are creatures of habit so despite having huge fields to roam about and do their doings they all come done onto the runway a dump their recycling on the runway. For numerous reasons including cant be bothered to the runway has not been top priority but today it fell into the something must be done category.
Which is why yours truly, a large shovel and an observant shitland called Misty set about the huge task ahead.
In actual fact it took less time than I thought it would 
and pretty soon substantial areas of concrete was revealed.
One hour later.
Runway is clear.
And so it begins again.

Sunday, 13 September 2020

How do ya like them apples?

The pigs are feeling the benefit of the season of plenty with a glut of apples, some of which (very unusually) have come from out own trees rather than "borrowed" from other peoples trees. Today I picked a load for them .
This gave me the opportunity to check out the two new apple trees planted this year. The Spartan had on offer a delicious looking apple but looks are deceiving, the other side was severely damaged by pecks most likely from the peacocks. Still, the tree is thriving and next I'm expecting a bumper crop and as the peacocks are about to be rehomed miles away the fruit should survive until harvest. 
The Katy tree is doing fine as well. Its been planted in memory of a great friend called Paul Dockerty who died from cancer this April. Paul was a great human being and I miss him very much. He was also the man who created lots of cider for Thatchers and Katy was a particular favourite (and spartan but they stopped making it) so the plan is to have a go making some cider next year with the massive amount of apples I'm going to get from two small trees. 
Meanwhile tree vandals are being kept out of the garden. 
An ideal view to enjoy a pint. 
Or three

Friday, 11 September 2020



So while yours truly is out and about earning an honest crust looking like a serial killer
the apprentice and family friend Keeeeef went up onto the ridge to get our boys pony back. Ben is the apprentice's pony and they have a bond which is why the savage beast came straight up to him as he sat in the centre of 5 million acres of wilderness.
And why he started to follow him home when they could not get a rope on him. But at the crucial moment the naughty pony's girlfriend called him and he scampered off as fast as his hooves could carry him back to her side. It might be that we will have to find another way of bringing this naughty pony home, nets, tranquilizer darts or inside a lasagne.
RRMK2 came back from school and began to thoroughly test the new step. 

Thursday, 10 September 2020

It being a sunny day and after being given a load of free sand and cement that was just too much to leave but not enough for any real jobs yours truly had a brilliant idea to alter the profile of the giant step for man which leads to the annex. 
The apprentice was being home schooled so the practical lesson of turning stone, cement and water into solid objects was the order of the day. 
Shuttering constructed, George the cement mixer was wheeled out of hibernation and after refusing to stay awake was forced into action by brown parcel tape and a dice keeping the on switch on he began mixing. One load later he refused to turn anymore, probably the switch blew or a fuse but rather than waste time solving his problems the second load was mixed by hand, or shovel, in the barrow. 
End of play saw a new step up the the giant step for mankind and to stop animals from making their inevitable mark in the surface barriers were erected. 
Nice to see the kids did get a hand on it.