Friday, 16 November 2018

Bang up to date

 Pudsey day! So yours truly organised a dog walk and at the appointed hour
 10 walkers turned up with 2 dogs and a giant hamster.
 The weather was unusually warm for November, and dry .
 The giant hamster had to be persuaded to tackle the rough terrain
 and we almost lost crocodile Dundee in the autumn colours.
 BUt pretty soon we found the Ape Rock
 and the bit I was looking for, Offas Dyke.
 A huge linear fortification designed to keep the Welsh out. Here we see the ditch in action, a Welshman held at bay by one man and his dog.
 The giant hamster ran out of battery power
 but luckily we had a vet who could change the batteries without a screwdriver.
 The proper dogs meantime lead the way
 and even became amphibious for a while.
 4 miles later on a flat bit under blue skies (England then) we reached our destination.
Paradise. Or Penrhos Court...home of The Cattle Shed a great place to eat. Our little walk raised over 160 quid so all was worthwhile, and we all chipped in for the battery for the hamster.

Get ready

 These little darlings are now ready to be unleashed on their forever families
 and no matter how many times
the apprentice asks we are not going to keep any of them 
 not one
 probably end up keeping two. Again.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

The Lion King

 Yours truly for reasons that seems good at the time decided that the Lions International Club in the one horse town should not fold because of no lions and instead formed a new pride and so, on remembrance day I found myself as the Lion King having the honour of laying a wreath at the war memorial. To make it even more official the ex lion king came along and gave me the chain of office with some 40 or so predecessors names on it.
 The church service was a solemn affair as befitting such an event, 100 years after the end of the First World War.
 There is only one blurry pic of me laying the wreath so fast forward to lunchtime and here we are with two ex lion kings and yours truly and Keeef who was press ganged into joining.
 Lunchtime was at our favourite eatery, The Cattle Shed. The boys looking splendid in their fleeces given as presents by our lovely visitors last week.

Behind closed doors

 So behind door one we have a naughty golden retriever, Poppy, rearranging the recycling in the kitchen.
Whilst upstairs the boys have opted out of a bedroom tidy to play chess.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

First frost

 Its happened
 First hard frost of the new season....a timely reminder that yours truly has not cut enough logs, still has not fitted an internal water tank for when its Harry ice pigs
 and still not worked out how to operate the central heating system.
 But on the plus side it makes the morning patrol a lot of fun
 and make the apprentice's coat easy to find as its now white not green.

Mrs Bear is slowing down though, her time trials up Ben Nevis and the like are now too much for her , two miles is her limit.

Dont encourage them

 The problem with big dogs and small donkeys is that if you feed them....
 you encourage them to come back for are Mindy and Mork trying to gain access to the carrot stash.
 Meanwhile, here is Loki, one year old now and super big.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Life goes on.....

 There are days when yours truly notices the passing of time, like listening to music and thinking its 40years since I first heard/bought that album. Or looking at this picture of yours truly and my cousin Peter who was best man at my wedding. There is 6 months difference in our age, we grew up together, I'm the slightly older one. Summers were spent together playing cowboys and Indians, or refighting WW2 in the woods behind the farm, or making airfix models and wargaming . Time passed and we grew into men, yours truly joined the Police while Peter took up a career in banking. We both got married, had kids, got divorced, remarried, had more kids, and by coincidence ended up with boys 6 months apart named Alexander. Now one of us is dead.
As I'm typing this its clearly not me. Peter died of a massive heart attack in his sleep 6 days after his 54th birthday. I actually text him on his birthday but forgot to wish him a happy one.  A first for me was being a pall bearer at his funeral 5 November, a day that was almost unbearable.
Its a bit of a shock to find I'm now in a world without my "twin".

Lions on fire

 As yours truly is now the Lion King,,,,,,,ahem...
 we now get involved in lots of community stuff, in this case making sure small children holding big bits of fire provided by the local brigade lob them onto the bonfire and not onto parked cars or each other.
 Naturally with some 80 incendiaries placed onto dry wood
 it soon caught and 50 metres away you could toast marshmallows.
 Fun was had by all, even the old ones.
 The fire was amazing and the fireworks spectacular.
Same again next year then, as long as my hair grows back.