Friday, 2 December 2016

On a cold and frosty morning....

 A beautiful clear start to the day
 meant all sorts of opportunity to get arty farty shots
 with mobile phone cam.
 Thye sun doesnt rise now until 7.50am
 but when it does
 its pretty spectacular.
 Mind you this is all wasted on the K9's
 with their black and white vision.
 But they did find ways to enjoy themselves, not sure if Sven meant to fall through the ice!
 Diesel is doing well as a trainee action Berner.

Monday, 28 November 2016


 He's hooked.
No hope for him now, mwahahahahahaha!

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Climb every Mountain

 Early doors saw yours truly finding a different route up the North Face of the Bonsai  Mountain
 and naturally I had a few Berners to help me as pathfinders.
 We didn't make to the top this way but it was fun trying.
 I also found one of my shoes, thanks K-9s!
 Talking of not making it, Longtown Mountain Rescue were in town which gave the boys a chance to see in the Land Rover and gave me a chance to chat about the time I had to call them out to a fat friend who gave up and sat down to die. In the farce that followed he ended up being carried off the mountain by the team, including this bloke who says that the rescue is one of 6 legendary ones they always talk about. We chucked some money in the bucket and promised to attend the BBMC 17.
 When the kiddies were tucked up in bed yours truly took off to see The Darkside, a Pink Floyd tribute act playing at the local flea pit.
 It was far better than I hoped for, some vocals were a bit dodgy
 with the exception of hers, she did a brilliant job doing the wailing song from Darkside of the Moon.
A bit more cash and they could give Aussie Floyd a run for their money.

Welcome back

 Last time yours truly was in this very spot all this was fields, well not quite, all this was run down farm buildings with not a lot going for it other than some builder trying to stop the rot by fitting a roof.
 Whereas now its 8 lovely houses with a communal play area and good weather to match.
 So why am I here in the sunny region of west Wales, why to welcome back into the Red Kite fold some lovely people and so securing the furthest outpost of the RK empire.
It had nothing to do with project motorbikes. Honest.

Lunchtime special

 some people are lucky enough to have somewhere quiet to go and eat their lunch
 others are chained to their desks
 A few sit in coffee shops
 others a park bench
Yours truly found a lunch spot that was a bit better than average.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Water world

 We had some rain.
 Not much.
 But enough to change our walk.
 It almost became a swim.
Rio is getting used to life with us.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

A developmental milestone

 This is the apprentice concentrating hard as he is about to reach
 a developmental milestone
 having just built his first Airfix Spitfire.
 The look says it all.
 And who can resist the temptation to spin the prop and go

Its a mystery!

 Somehow Summer, our little pygmy goat, managed to escape Goatanamo and head off into the wide world yonder only to find herself in a cage labelled "Flammable Gas" which is about right for UXG. The story as we know it is that the security guards at the quarry 1.5 miles away saw Summer frolicking amongst the gravel so they caught her, eventually, and to quote, she took some catching. They then caged her and pondered what to do. One took a shine to her and wanted to keep her, one wanted a curry and the other thought they should find her owners. Unfortunately the last guard won so they phoned the police and asked what they should do with a stray goat. Curry it was the obvious response but the kindly 3rd guard persevered and phoned the local vet who knew who to call in the event of a lost goat. Not us as it turns out there's another nutter who keeps goats locally and when she discovered it wasn't hers she phoned us (I don't know how she knows us) but that's how yours truly found himself following a security vehicle all lights and klaxons through the maze of quarry workings to be reunited with his UXG.
 To make sure there were no further dramas she was held thus
for the short but smelly ride back to Goatanamo.