Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Snow line

 We went off site today into the world as part of my beautiful and oh so patient wife's training schedule for her three peaks challenge.
 Across the valley from us is a huge hill, 1 metre short of the require 600 metres to be a mountain, the views from it are spectacular.
 But not today, the higher we got the colder it got and snow arrived.
 Curiously our dogs got bigger too!
 After a successful summit we headed into the giant forest, the trees suitably frozen.
Our dogs, now normal sized loved the chance to explore a whole new world!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

A ray of sunshine

 Fanally some good weather on an early doors patrol.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Horse power!

 None shall pass!
 Mighty midget Misty using her one horse power to stop Stan in his tracks.
Not cute.

Family hounds

 Mr Bear owning the bed
 Mrs Bear owning the bed, Sven using it as a pillow, Poppy owns the sofa, rug rat MkII playing lego
 Hint from Bryn hes not been fed.
Noel and Elf with a vermin cat.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


 Rio is doing alright here at Rock HQ, a far cry from the drainage ditch in Romania where he was left to die.
 He does look quite at home and is a very handsome lad.
 The pictures are from the pooh stick challenge which was held in a break in the weather
 which also gave rug rat mkII the chance to climb Kilimanjaro on his own.
 This time of year if the sun does appear its very late in the afternoon before it rises over the Bonsai Mountain.
 Rocky taking a drink, he seems to sample every puddle at the moment.
Rio, very much at home!


 Apparently it didn't rain while yours truly was relaxing in Africa. Since I've been home its been pretty much full on downpours with associated winds.
 Which brought down this tree, handily blocking the road
 but after a few well placed karate chops it was dealt with, temporarily.
 Which was just as well as yours truly was on a rescue mission as my beautiful and oh so patient wife had got herself into a spot of bother sliding into the ditch and was waiting to be rescued.
 The apprentice asked me where my next challenge was going to be so I gave him this map and told him x marked the spot, it kept him occupied for ages.
Anyone wanting to help me help these children in a small Tanzanian village school can email me for details.

Back in action!

 After nearly 2 weeks away enjoying myself in Tanzania whilst leaving my beautiful and oh so patient wife to cope with my family and other animals it was straight back to it getting amongst the critters at Rock HQ.
 Small boys also demanded attention hence the requirement to sit indoors and play lego
 for hours. They never had lego as cool as this when I was younger.
 Needless to say the play had to end and soon I was dealing with a
very different sort of mountain to the one I was on top of this time last week!