Friday, 20 April 2018

What a sensible idea

 Being responsible for running the 8 peaks challenge this weekend yours truly had to go out and lay out the clippers at the checkpoints on the course for the runners to find.
 The route as a crow could fly it was just about 10 miles, as I "ran" it turned into 13.
 So on the hottest day in April since 1949 off I set up the biggest hills around Kington.
 Leaving clippers
 at various places
 along the way
 while enjoying fantastic views.
 But due to the heat things started to go slightly awry.
 Thinking that I would do this in less than 4 hours (record is just about 2and half but that was set by a whippet) I didnt pack my bag with much other than a turkish delight, a bag of skittles and 500ml of water. At this point, less than halfway there was only 100ml left.
 So ever onwards
 leaving clippers
 at strategic locations.
 By now I was out of water and as Rock HQ was only across the valley and almost on the route of the race a slight detour would put things right, the last mile I covered in 14 minutes so I was ahead of schedule feeling confident.
 More clippers
 and then so did I. This is the point it really went completely wrong.
 The view from my sad situation showed the hills already covered and the last one Worzel was there so I had come a long way from its summit to find myself sat suffering from cramps and feeling terrible. What I should have done was pulled the eject handle and baled out heading home some 1000 metres to my left. Instead I scoffed some skittles and headed up, and up
 to the summit of the bonsai mountain noting that this last mile had taken 42 minutes which even taking the climb into account was slow.
 And the cramps caused by lack of water continued meaning walking pace for next 3 which took 46 minutes combined.
 So I finished 19 minutes and 16 seconds over my target, but I finished and had a fab can of pop and bacon sarnie at Dots cafe to celebrate.
Think I might have caught the sun too.

Caught napping

Late last night yours truly was doing the pre bed perimeter check only to find Pronto was already in bed.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Too much fun

 Bearing in mind the old saying all work and no play, and it being a sunny day for a real change, linked to the last weekend of the school holiday yours truly decided to ignore thejobs list which included build new kennels, cant think why and instead
 head off to the beach where we found the sea had gone out for miles. So we pottered looking at stones
 then sharpened our bouldering
 techniques and wondered why on earth were we wearing coats as it was so warm.
 MBAOSPW got her own back and was able to have a refreshing grown up beverage while I was designated driver with kids cola.
 RRMK2 got down to an apparent child's portion of a roast dinner. Yes he finished it.
 And still had room for a diet ice cream ahem.
 As the sea was refusing to return we ditched the idea of fishing for crabs, a peculiar pastime where you dangle a bit of string with a dead fish on the end, crab grabs it, you pull up crab put it in bucket go oooh yes its a bog one before dropping it back in the water, and headed home
 giving yours truly just enough time
 to cycle off the worst effects of the ice cream
before the evening routine.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Going to the dogs

MBAOSPW with Rambo, and a very confused looking puppy, Loki.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Different strokes

 In case yours truly wasn't busy enough the retriever Isla decided to add to the jobs list by making a small alteration to the wall in the conservatory. Bearing in mind that she was in there to sleep she did a pretty good job of keeping herself occupied. So as ever, something must be done.
 Phase one, clear it all out and survey the damage and wear and tear from several large muddy dogs over the winter.
 Phase 2 and 3. Fit new wall to hide hole. Paint the wall with left over paint found in workshop. Leave woodwork for weekend as boredom has set in and I wanted to a different sort of painting.
Bavarian light infantry. Much more fun than walls.

Fun commuting

Trying to get my head around the huge man test in June, and on the every little helps yours truly managed to ride to work today over the ridge, 2 miles up 2 miles down. I have friends who run it faster than the 40 plus minutes it took me, but none of them achieve 49.5 mph on the downhill.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Friends reunited

 This is the very emotional moment that Amanda, a friend and former neighbour who moved to Suffolk about 6 years ago, met us, and most importantly Rocky for lunch.
 Amanda is the lovely lady who bred Rocky, he being one of 4 pups from a litter and we think the only one left alive (Berners are not renowned for their longevity)
 We met at the Harp, a place that used to do really nice food you could eat. This is not the result of a 4 year old playing but the antics of a mature chef who thinks Sunday roasts need messing with.
 Obviously despite the best efforts of the children Rocky was centre of attention as Amanda's cunning plan was to convince her partner Kevin that dogs are ok and they should have one.
They said they have not got a good photo of them as a couple, and if you look closely, they still haven't.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

No escape

 After the usual routine plus one (feeding Johnny Rambo) we headed into town, ostensibly to get dog food but also to stock up on essentials like paintbrushes (heavy rain meant no outdoors jobs , Hurrah!) Whilst in the city RRMK2 stocked up on calories
 before astounding everyone with his dice throwing skills, this was the score from his first throw, next was 224466 and we decided not to allow another throw in case it opened the gates to Armageddon and we did not know where an exorcist could be found on the high street.
 They did, however, exchange their souls for a paintbrush and began their transformation to nerds.
 With the apprentice painting a space marine
 and RRMK2 painting something else. Both were very happy with their creations and it also brought a tear to my eye, especially when I saw the prices of the box sets to their new hobby.
Back at the ranch yours truly ignored the pleas of get on ebay to buy stuff we can paint dad (its an addiction worse than crack believe me) and knowing that I have a 300km bike ride in a few weeks went off on my trusty steed and did 7. Well its a start.