Wednesday, 30 August 2017

All in a days work

 Time for the annual fun day, an event hosted by Red Kite Fostering to give something to the community
 which means getting up at sparrows fart and creating a small zoo on the local playing fields.
 Thankfully the caretaker saw yours truly struggling carrying the gates over the field and came and unlocked the gates allowing me to drive on. Pretty soon the animals assembled ready to be petted.
 As did the rest of the gang and bouncy castles.
 Trevor was convinced he would be star of the show.
 Mindy had other ideas.
 The apprentice tested the equipment before the mad rush.
 Yours truly set up the tombola with lots of goodies donated by the local business's .
 Trevor looking keen.
 The boys taking cover from the sun which chose to shine for a change.
 Cycling for a smoothie.
 A Red Kite Carer taking  a break.
The winner of guess how many sweets in the jar competition was very happy.

In all a great day, fun was had by around 250 people and lets do it again next year!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

You know when...

When they are quiet, its for a reason!

Horses for courses

 Straight back into the thick of things animal wise required moving Pronto from his training school to a different training school
 which also meant getting him into the trailer
 which is something of an exercise in patience.
 However, as people will tell you, yours truly is nothing if not patient, or those words in a different arrangement, an soon Pronto was being given the once over by his new teacher who is going to teach him to walk.
 I managed to avoid all discussions about top lines and girths and
eventually got back home to be a nerd.

And so it ends

 Another great holiday ends, and this one despite the weather has been particularly relaxing, probably because our animals are being so well looked after at home and the fact that this is the first holiday without a pram!!!
 Mind you we did have a lot of kit but Stan the DMZ coped well.
 Arfur dog loved the break.
 Back home some reinforcements were waiting....nerd.
And the dogs were pleased to see us. Fingers crossed we can go back next year.

A day to remember

 The apprentice first managed to ride 10 metres on his mothers birthday a few days ago, limited by the size of the garden and the strange magnetic qualities of the lamp post in the centre of the lawn. So today we took him to the beach where no solid objects could hinder his progress.
 As usual a patient crowd watched appreciatively
 while some good friends joined us and provided the most excellent sausages for sandwiches once the cycle fest had completed.
 To the victor the spoils, or in this case a sausage buttie for the worlds newest cyclist.
 Poppy guarding the kite strings.
 No stopping him now.
 Not to be outdone Hannah decided to have a go and a new cyclist was born.
 The beach was pretty crowded at one point.
 On the walk back to the cafe RRMK2 did a passable tribute to the film Platoon.
View from the cream tea.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Lets go fly a kite

 With the weather being less wet but more windy
 the decision was made to leave the holiday home
 and all its plastic kit goodness
 and hit the beach to fly kites, run the legs of dogs and kids and hopefully stay dry.
 This did not work to plan, the deluge of water forced us to take shelter in the back of Stan
 which is big enough for wet kids and dogs.
 The apprentice's day got a whole lot worse when the tomato sauce exploded
 seconds before he dropped his chips in the sand. RRMK2 made helpful comments to sooth him.
 Along the beach we found this hidden church where a wedding was taking place.
 Back at the house Poppy caught some z
 and we went back for a slap up meal at the Britannia pub.
 This is the kids meal
 while this is roasted saddle of rabbit wrapped in parma ham
 and salt marsh lamb which was totally amazing.
In the garden we enjoyed a leisurely coffee while RRMK2 played hide and seek. Here he is counting up to infinity. Kept him occupied just long enough for us to finish.