Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lazy boy

 Since Bears operation he has a new hobby, sofa surfing. He was pretty proficient before, now he is a Jedi Master Sofa Surfer and barely wastes any energy during the day, saving it all to go to his feed bowl, drink milk or pop outside for numbers 1 and 2. The upshot of this is that his damaged leg, healing nicely, is not getting the use it needs and he is forgetting that he can use it. So tonight he did the longest walk since the op, to see the Technohermit to deliver a chicken dinner. Most of the way he did the three wheels on my waggon routine, but every now and then the fourth limb dabbed down for a pace or two. Poor lad was cream crackered on return and so gathered his strength for dinner on the sofa. At least he was facing the other way.

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