Thursday, 10 January 2013

On Location

 I like my paid work for many reasons, not least of which meeting really interesting people in really interesting places. Today I found myself in a small Welsh village that looked like a film set, hidden away in the winding valley, the surrounding forested hills clinging on to the fog gave it a really other worldly quality. A huge manor house dominated the village center,  as did a pub with a huge mural and everywhere there seemed to be well tended gardens. A local ran in doors as I stopped for directions, the pub, named The Slaughtered Lamb had a strange sign swinging in the wind, a wolfs head on a stake, it was closed.  Across the road was this church, looking like something Tim Burton would film in. I eventually found someone to talk to, he told me to stay off the moor, stick to the road and beware the moon. I don't think they get many visitors so I left them too it.

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Jeremy Fisher said...

There be Dragons!!