Friday, 30 March 2018

Keep off the grass


A couple of weeks ago we accidentally wandered into the preparations for this display of poppies falling from the tower window at Hereford Cathedral.
 So it seemed rude not to go back and view the finished article with the anklebiters.
 It has to be said the weeping window as its called is a sight to behold.
 Then, as we were there and it was free ahem...we went into the cathedral which is the home to the precious artefact The Mappi Mundi which used to be in a glass case in the door way and if you had one old penny or two new ones after decimalisation a bulb would flicker for a minute or so and you could view the monks medieval depiction of the world.
 Time passes and someone realised that the bit of old calf skin in the foyer was in fact priceless so best look after it a bit better than leave it outside in a box.
 So its  now in another part of the building specially created to make it an experience and costs considerably more than 2p to view. So we wandered around the ancient building looking at the free stuff.
 Like the Normal ceiling.
 And Gods little sunbeams.
 Huge windows.
 St Thomas' pit.
And lots of drawing and colouring.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Happy Birthday

 Its been a long time since we had our first Berner, Rocky arrived at Rock HQ shortly after we did in October 2006. Today it was the 9th birthday of the first litter of pups and we are lucky enough to still have Rocky age 11.5, and his daughter Dotty WooZah here looking mental.
 We kept her and Bliss from the litter, alas Bliss died 2 years ago.
 We we gifted back Spotty shortly after we sold him and our regular reader will remember him as the all action Berner. Much missed.
 We also got Mr Bear back after 3 years, so for a while we had 4 of the original 8 pups with us at HQ. Mr Bear is a very decrepit boy with two crutiate ligaments damaged and repaired but he still manages to motor around provided no one knocks him over.
Of the others, well, Fizz with Liz, we often see her and hear about her exploits, Harvey Puppy Dog is a regular correspondent and hes adorable like Fizz. Nala was last heard of about 4 years ago when they asked if she could have pups and we saw Brooke about 3 years ago so fingers crossed these two are still bringing joy and Berner hairs to their happy homes.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Hens teeth and rocking horse pooh

 Finding a reliable trade in these parts is like hunting for unicorn eggs, they don't exist. I cannot remember how long we have tried to get a reliable roofer up to Rock HQ to carry out the essential repairs to stop RRMK2's room turning into a swimming pool each time it rains. It might come a s surprise that we do have a fair amount of rain in these here parts. Finally after much ado we have found 2 roofers who A) say they want the job B)say that they can do the job C) dont want my lungs and shirt off my back as payment and 4) turn up when they say they will to do the job. So with oyurs truly pretending he is comfortable on the roof
 and with vultures gathering to deal with any accidents
 we all got on with it. Within minutes they found a hidden problem, the vent not fitted right and the source of all wet stuff in RRMK2's room.
 Some problems were easy to spot.
 Others were well hidden.
 In the higgledepiggledy mess
 all sorts of horrors were found.
 But thanks to these two
 intrepid roofers
 the dramas of past construction (here sand is under the ridge tiles, why? no one knows, its not exactly waterproof)
 Neither are 25 year old fag packets.
 So I helped by carrying off the
 unwanted stuff and
 wheel barrowing away lots of moss.
BY end of play all was fixed. Two days later a massive deluge of rain and we all stayed dry. Phew! Job done, strike it off the list.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Precious cargo

 Yours truly should have had a big red flag flying from Stan as we transported tow UXGs to their new home. Thankfully the short trip across the border passed without incident save for a slight soiling on their part.
Here they are in their new home with their new goat keeper. I am no longer going to run the risk of being covered in tiny bits of exploded goat every day. Someone else can run the risk. Now the goats have gone I can focus on the new project. Unicorns.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Trouble with a capitol T

 This is Snoopy, recently returned from her holidays. She is trouble, here we see her trying to entice Pronto from his stall.
 Talking of trouble here are the pups and the feral sheep Penny.

First time for everything

 Before work yours truly set off up the Bonsai Mountain to enjoy the snow, yesterday this was not in the plan so did not happen, small boys wanting to build ships and play board games got in the way of outdoor activities.
 The wind was fierce and full winter gear was required
 as was a mental Berner called Woozah who chose to wear most of the snow.
 As we got higher it got deeper
 and suddenly we were faced by a wall of snow, about 5 foot high and going on for around 50 yards.
 Normally I would have pressed on
 but as time was short I had to admit defeat and for the first time we did not make it to the summit.
 Reuben was still a happy boy though.
 Defeated we headed back
 observing that still we are the only house on the Bonsai Mountain that is occupied.
 The expression of a small child when you give them an icicle that is nearly as big as they are.
Sunset at Rock HQ

Not according to plan

 Things seldom go according to plan, and today was by no means an exception to that rule. Quite s umping of snow had occurred
 which meant that we were snowed in again and meant the roofer was snowed out.
 Not that he could have seen the roof under the white stuff.
 So a lazy day playing with the mutleys, Rocky loved it.
 So did Isla.
 This was just before the main dump.
 So entertainment had to be found, building paper sailing boats and
 photographing them.
 Making big burgers
and playing toy soldiers. Not a bad day really :)