Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Pass the umbrella

Its raining therefore gremloids have invaded the matrix and wreaked havoc amongst the blog entries lined up to go. Normal service will be resumed. Meantime heres a picture of some cute dogs.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Today's patrol pics

 Not as bright as yesterday
 but still worthwhile going to the top.
 This time with the other part of the clan, the girls and Thunderpaws.

Crashed out back at the ranch they watch as I muck out.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Keeping busy

This Orla, one of our Romanian rescues. Not long ago she was fending for herself in a forest. As you can see she keeps herself busy.

Back in action

 The unusual weather (lots of rain) has meant that yours truly has been less than inclined to get back out on the hill, especially as parts of my body have still not forgiven me for abusing it so much on the Pure Three Peaks Challenge.
 But with a morning as fine as this one
 it would have been rude not to go out and see the sights.
 This was Sven and Noels first summit of the Bonsai Mountain
 and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
 Spotty was with us but he just looked mental.
Reuben did his usual belly flop at the top.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Football fever

 With Wales showing England how to play football the apprentice and rug rat mkII decided to kick over the traces and play a game with the wrong shaped ball, hence the sudden appearance of a goal set in the garden. Watched by members of the Swiss team
 the boys pressed home their attack
 but found a solid wall of defence
 which could not be moved
 and in a frantic goal mouth struggle
 they finally scored by throwing it in.

Extreme Gardening

 On a day when there were no demands to leave HQ and do stuff the jobs list was addressed. This list now runs to four A4 pages full of tasks big and small so I chose one that I thought I could complete in a day namely getting rid of acres of nettles that have appeared. naturally I was supervised at all times by a Berner, this is Thunderpaws, today's chaperone for yours truly.
 The weather looked less than promising and not at all like you would hope for summer but we pressed on
 breaking the huge task down into small bite sized chunks. The small paddock was first to be cleansed of the stingy blighter
 and pretty soon looked more or less ship shape.
 Next the "garden" was cleared, by cleared read almost half was laid bare of nettles
 before the super duper Makitta blue strimmer started vibrating so bad that you could not hold it (especially with my right hand which still wont grip since the epic 480 mile bike ride) until it threw its main working parts across the garden burying itself into the dirt bank. The remaining nettles cheered having sacrificed so many to kill the strimmer
 meaning the second half of the garden, goatanamo and the fields have yet to be dealt with.
Unable to complete the job Thunderpaws and I did the only sensible thing and went for a cup of tea or a lie down.