Friday, 4 January 2013

Love hurts

 Its taken forever to diagnose the upload problem, and its still not fixed, the only reason there are pictures now is because I am using a different search engine, but anyway the techno geekloids are trying to fix the bloggersphere and I have just enough time left in this long day to let you know that Lucy, Rocky's latest love affair has gone back to the very west of Wales. He, beside himself took his frustration out on the stable door where he had been put as he was looking at Minnie in a funny way, and as she has come into season we are not risking any happy accidents.
 Min was very disappointed as she was flirting with the Rockmeister in the most outrageous fashion making it very clear she was his for the taking.
Meanwhile Zak the cocker spaniel was batting way above his average an looking for a soul mate. He lacking  several organs (including a brain) poses no threat to Min, even if he could find a box to stand on.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I won't say that about little dogs and big ones. A friend's of ours chihuahua got a Lab pregnant and know has a little black headed lab puppy who is the size of his father, with a black lab's head.

Tony said...

Photo!! send a photo!! :)

jeremy Fisher said...

Funniest thing I ever saw in terms of canine requited love was a Jack Russell doing its very best to have its wicked way with a Golden Retriever. After trying for some time, jumping up and down, ably assisted by the GR but to no avail, the larger dog reversed up to a straw bale in the yard, allowing the terrier to stand with its hind legs on the bale and to finally succeed in its attempt!! Love [or lust] will always find a way!!

Anonymous said...

I will try too. Though I haven't seen my friend in a long time, if she still has the dog then I will send a picture. And you are right jeremy the larger female will lay down. I didn't realize Minnie was a rescue, is the cocker spaniel one as well ? I hope you will be able to her fixed soon. Because I know Rocky isn't your only unneutered male.