Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dust Magnets

Not that we have a mantle piece any more but when we did the most expensive thing you might find trapping dust would be half a melted candle, or the contents of my pocket, change left from lunch.  On a visit today I saw this work of art carved from a 1000 year old piece of oak from a local castle, its one solid piece and the figures range from John the Baptist, the Queen, Posh and Becks, a Chav and the artist who made the piece who I think was called Parsons. Nice as it was it wouldn't last at HQ, not as it is, a few tooth marks would be bound to appear. I'm hoping to take some time off work tomorrow to do a bit of woodworking myself but I got a feeling its not going to be quite so intricate as this wooden wonder.

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