Friday, 26 May 2017

Another great morning

 The hermit's cave
 The ghost house
The usual suspects

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Another long one

 Its not all fun here at HQ, sometimes paid work gets in the way a tad.
 Today was a long day, out righting wrongs, doing good, that type of things.
Then back home in time for sunset and evening rounds feeding the critters. Not a bad life really :)

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Anyone mention sunshine?

 Yours truly just needs the slightest hint of sunshine in the forecast to use as an excuse to head to the beach and so we found ourselves there once again.
 This time in both Stan and Eep as there were so many of us, SuperGrandma and LilBef came along with the boys and Spotty and Noel. Noel on his first beach trip, Spotty on possibly his last.
 Kite flying was the order of the day and despite predictions my bargain basement Red Kite kite flew brilliantly and for the whole time of our visit, right until the apprentice let go of the string and it flew off over the dunes. We got it back.
 MBAOSPW looking stunning.
 Once again we were dismayed at how crowded the beach was
 so much so that RRMK2 ran off and hid.
 Spotty took a nap after all the running about
 and try as we might we could not shake off RRMK2, he followed us everywhere.
 Back at the vehicles Noel
 and Spotty waited for their treats from our favourite
 ice cream van.
 Eep posing.
Stan trying to blend in.

Missed it

 Because of the bad news about Spotty yours truly decided to forgo the annual adventure of the BBMC
 leaving my erstwhile amigos to do it for me
 and instead took a much more leisurely stroll around Water Breaks its Neck a well known waterfall which
 for some reason was not falling due to lack of rain.
 So RRMK2 and the apprentice took to exploring, here we are in the culvert
 which was nearly as dry as the river bed we walked along.
Rocky and Spotty had a great time messing about, both have done the BBMC with me, Spotty 4 times so it would not have been right to leave them today.  I can do the BBMC later in the year as a solo challenge.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Making the most of it

 Playtime is nearly over, our staycation at home draws to a conclusion with RRMK2 and
 the Apprentice making good use of a local playground.
 Back at the ranch BooBoo
 kept a keen eye
 on the pan of burgers, onions and mushrooms
 we cooked on a campfire.
 That is a tasty burger.
The sun sets on the last beer of the Holiday.

Where are they?

 You would have thought that on such a beautiful day hordes would have thronged to the beach.
 Well we did and practically had it to ourselves!
 Which was fine by RRMK2 who spent his time sliding down sand dunes
 or paddling with big bro and the Rockmeister.
 I'm not sure what it was that I had forgotten, but it seemed important at the time.
 Back at the command post Stan was press-ganged into being an outdoor kitchen ably guarded by Elf the tri paw Berner.
 Rocky kept an eye on the bacon and sausages
 while yours truly enjoyed the sunshine.
 The nice man at the ice cream van gave me a Kilimanjaro sized treat having seen my T shirt.
Next time we go I hope there is more room to park!

Protective wrapper

 Thank goodness Amazon have heeded to calls to take some time to pack fragile items such as
 a leather strap for a bridle otherwise it might have broken and that would be a bad thing
unlike the pointless waste of the worlds resources in superfluous packaging.

May the force be with you

This project began its life as a potential bird box, however the Apprentice got sidetracked and built a Y Wing bomber and pilot.

On Safari

Yours truly has promised to take RRMK2 and the Apprentice on Safari before going to climb a foreign mountain that is close to 7000 metres so by way of practice we went to a large shop a few miles away armed with a bunch of vouchers  to see what consumer necessities we could exchange them for. RRMK2 wanted the zebra whilst
the Apprentice was rather taken with this ornament.
Im not sure its in keeping with our newly established fish tank so we managed to fob him off with a dog treat (for the dogs not him) and headed home.
Back home we were treated to a wonderful sunset
which I improved on.