Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Dez Rez

The hens have a new house, an Eglu...very swish and today yours truly made it even better by putting a waterproof cover on it.

A hard Knight

 Blessed as we are with so many animals, occssionally (read every day) they let themselves down. Here is MBAOSPW with Isla our latest triever puppy.
 So while the boys were playing
 all things medieval one of the K9s, an old Romanian Sheepdog called Bala took it on himself to wander off from HQ which prompted a full blown search.
 One side effect of this was that the apprentice and RRMK2 learned the joy of scrumping apples.
 As it was their bedtime yours truly abandoned them into the care of their mother and set off again looking for missing dog. This view from The Knowle, no sign.
 Certain he had entered the wood and failed to find the right exit a thorough search revealed nothing other than a new looking riding boot that one of his associates had dropped there a while ago.
I did find a pond I hadn't previously seen, but no dog. So the poor lad spent the night out in the cold while we fretted indoors as to his safety.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Rainbow valley

View from the front door

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Monday, 11 September 2017

Summer loving

 Saturday in the garden with Snowy enjoying the sunshine
 Sunday in the garden, Daffodil and Snowy looking for the sun
Summers gone.....

Friday, 8 September 2017

The silence of the goats

 Time passes, as we now have 21 dogs, who when left to their own devices have parties and can create quite a mess so something must be done, especially for when we may be out from the cottage. An extension to the kennel block is required. Rather unhelpfully since the build of the kennels the area to the side has been used as a dump so it needed to be cleared first.
 Then whilst doing that the overgrown trees began to bother me, as did the pitiful bleating of the goats who wanted feeding which is why I fetch the chainsaw
 and loppers
 and soon the goats were quiet, not permanently, happy munching the fallen trees (this is another huge job, the trees have taken over to the point there is no TV signal, this must be sorted by the time the next series of Strictly Come Dancing starts!) and the rubbish area
 began to look like a building plot. Levels were ascertained (I've changed ) and finding the plot went from 4 inches to 16 all the old rubble and
 stones from a long way down the track were found
and many hours later yours truly was ready to see the osteopath, erm..I mean concrete!  Then it rained for a change.

Bit of a scare

 Rocky our first ever Berner gave us another scare the other morning.
 This is he, in all his smiling goodness, but unable to walk, move or stand up.
 As he is nearly eleven years old, fathered 54 pups and has seen off three of his children, Biffer, Spotty and Bliss, lost his wife Reba and way outlived Aunt Montana we know that the dreaded day for a dog from a breed who average 6 years life span is not far away but we don't want it to happen. So we gave him a dose of metacalm, lots of TLC and moved the blanket of death away from him, that's the lovely yellow blankie his son Spotty went to sleep on recently.
 So he rested.
 Perked up and was, I'm ever so glad to say, back to his annoying self.
Talking of old dogs this is Poppy, 14 years old now. Bless.

Big jobs

 It comes to something when the horse doings on the smallholding require the attention of a mini digger to shift it.
 Thus began a terrifying 48 hours at Rick HQ where yours truly mistakenly thought driving a mini bobcat around would be "fun" when in fact it was everything but. Mini bobcats are uses to flat building site type terrain so the side of the bonsai mountain where we are perched meant it felt like at every opportunity and there were many believe me it tried to tip over or roll backwards or fall forwards.
 When that wasnt happening yours truly thought it was going to topple into the well, fall forwards into a vast pile of pooh never to be seen again
 and many other such near death scenarios filled the time.
 A rather large dog
 decided I needed
 some help in the cab built for one
 but he soon found
 that ehading back indoors was the best idea.
 The boys on the other hand when not playing on the "winter project" thought having a digger was ace and had to be dragged out of it everytime it was parked.
 To them it wasnt a near death machine but a huge Tonka Toy that boring old Dad would not let them use.
 This didnt stop them trying.
 by the end of the torment
 a huge big job had been crossed off the list.
The horrid machine was returned. 
 The nerd survived.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Big and small

 Yours truly has been catching up on jobs that seem to just throw themselves at the list. Here is one big job
 arriving in the lane.
Here is a little job in the kitchen sink.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Catching up

 So, yours truly is safe back home and finds a new addition to the K9 collection, this is Isla a Golden Retriever.
 After all expeditions the worst part, even badder than the road trip is the sort all your gopping wet kit out day, here I am helped by Stan.
The best bit is the catch up with the boys and pizza feast after the playground malarkey.

The biggest post ever

 In an effort to get up to date here is the longest post ever about another fantastic adventure in Scotland with Mrs Bear and the crew of Red Kite Fostering, naturally all adventures start with a boring road trip which only ended when the road
 ran out at Mallaig harbour. Good to see the off shore lifeboat was at hand as we
 were about to load up the trusty but rusty and everso old , say 67 years, Gypsy Rover with our kit and lives.
 Parked Stan and saw that Malliag has finally got to the steam age.
 Boat ride and the weather got worse
 but clear enough for the first view of base camp on the inhabited side of Loch Nevis.
 I took Eric and Ernie along and by nightfall we were all settled and ready for the week.
 Day one involved a short hike
 and cross repair
 and an alternative route to Tarbert
 along the way found this stone shelter hidden in the braken
 and despite the deluge from the sky we kept smiling and avoided the bears.
 On the way back we stopped for a spot of lunch
 but by evening it had all got too much for one of the group. Bless him.
 Arty farty advert shot.
 Day two an exciting exit from the boat, you can see how steep the rocks are by the boots of first man ashore, first dog needed some assistance.
 We bade farewell to our water taxi
 and explored the area finding two tins of Irn Bru hidden on the beach.
 At the fixer upper where we normally camp
 the tobasco sauce I left last year was still there
 as was the tractor, Eric and Ernie posing.
 Weather got worse and so a hot beverage and biscuits perked us up
 whilst later we had pork pie as a small snack.
 Day Three and we awoke to find sunshine
 which always transforms the place into paradise, apart from the midges.
 Mrs Bear dried off
 which was pointless as we were off on the water again
 catching lunch.
 Not one for fish.
 A big lunch.
 Pretty soon it rained again.
 However being a proper bloke yours truly lit a fire on the beach without the aid of a match and
 even though my erstwhile colleague could not open cans
 we soon had the famous all in stew on the go.
 The small leftovers were finished by mrs Bear hwo had decided by day one she would not eat any of the dog food and only human foodstuff.
 The sun set
 and I was a nerd again.
 Mrs Bear snoring.
 Day four we found a very poorly lamb
 who despite our best efforts died a day later, but at least he was more comfortable once we got the million maggots off him.
 Expedition day, fully loaded
 and compulsory selfie
 we were once again abandoned on a rock far far away.
 The weather got steadily worse
 so we put up a group shelter on an old ruin, when we left we left the kit in the wall for any one else stupid enough to go there to use.
 Eric and Ernie enjoying a brief break in the rain.
 Tent space was limited and in rough ground
 so I picked my spot carefully
 cleared the area
 and waited for the rain to stop to put my brilliant 22 year old tent up.
 Once again my firestarter skills were needed
 Mrs Bear taking shelter
 Me doing the same and trying to avoid being eaten by midges.
 MBAOSPW gave a Christmas cake, it was fab, note the midge guard on the cuppa.
 And so we survived the night of torrential rain, it really felt like a hose pipe being sprayed on the tent. I was warm and dry, others not so lucky.
 Kit packed we had a change of plan which meant a short walk along 3.5km of coast to get to Invarie.
 Thius turned into a nightmare trek of epic proportions
 which despite the smiles belied a risk of certain death or rescue by helicopter at any moment
 and the torrents of water above and below meant it was slow progress whilst the hungry midge made it just that extra specially miserable. After 11 hours we made it to the first level ground and
 soon we were
 looking at the mountain that tried to kill us from the relative safety of our boat.
 Needless to say we were exhausted, shattered in fact.
 Mrs Bear didnt have the strength to get ashore without help.
 Tom, cheerful as ever, having missed the last 24 hours by sitting in a  comfy chair.
 This is why we walked so far and hard, breakfast!
 A seal pup turned up to say hello.
Tom, the world record holder for solo atlantic crossings demonstrated his prowess on day 6 when we decided a return trip to Invarrie was needed, or a beer.
 Toms house, he built this himself.
 Local shop
 local produce
 what are the chances of finding a card like this here!
 The sorting office, why they have a van though...
 This is the only road, and high street.
 We found beers! The crap pub is beong boycotted by the locals who have opened an off licence and pizza parlour.
 A refreshing brew in minus temperatures, well it is summer, the mountain of death in the background.
 Amazing how happy a beer can make you
 or what an expert fisherman you can become.
 Eric and Ernie on the worlds smallest yacht to cross the atlantic.
 Mrs Bear avoiding the packing
 Finally all loaded up
 we had the roughest crossing back ever
 and wettest
 but us intrepid types laugh in the face of danger and loved it.
 Shoreside we posed for family photos
and while Mrs Bear ate Big Macs I drove all the way home via York (thats another story) to be reunited with MBAOSPW and the boys. Happy days. Home at last.