Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Burger me!

On a day when news of choice was how meat from well known supermarkets is not what is seems, that your beef burger it is in perhaps part horse or pig or both (perhaps there is a hybrid animal somewhere, a Poworse) and supermarket buyers are trying to distance themselves from buying meat for human consumption that's cheaper than dog food (and its not the first time, any one remember 5 years ago the story of Chicken products containing beef, or pig, or perhaps another hybrid Chipigow, Cokenpigs?) I found myself in a well known chain of burger sellers thanks to work. Strangely I was in this restaurant for the second time, the very same branch where only 28 years ago I had my very first BigMac, costing 89 pence and I recall that when I told my colleague that I had never had a BigMac it was like telling him that I had never seen Father Christmas, beyond his comprehension and he had to take me straight there to sample such a culinary delight. Time passes, so have many BigMacs, and here I was back at work at the same counter 28 years later looking at what was on offer. This time my colleague (a different one) ordered a veggie burger as he could not eat the clowns meaty offerings as it was not halal meat. I, as I am conscious that too many culinary delights like Big Macs over the years have caused me to expand, decided on a very tasty looking treat, a 1/4 pounder called a big tasty with bacon and potato wedges as they have to better than fries. Wrong.
As I waited for my order I spotted the calorie chart, the burger was 890 calories ( a BigMac a mere 590), the wedges 350 and the dip 85, so in one "meal" more than half my daily allowance. The burger arrived, salad and meat in bread with goo on the top. Not sure how they managed to get so many calories in such a simple offering without sculpting it from lard. Unlike 28 years ago I binned it. No regrets.
On the journey home more on the news about Burgergate, some nutritionist on about ingredients. Sugar in beef burgers. Somebody tell me why?

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