Saturday, 5 January 2013

Rain stopped, play!

 Today was notable in that by nightfall we had been outside in one form or another all day and had stayed dry. Unbelievable I know!
One form or another meaning yours truly by himself (with dozens of famished critters) or with my beautiful and oh so patient wife, with or without the apprentice smallholder, with the fencing Jedi Master and with keen jockey and walking partner.
Staying dry meant no rainfall, I still got wet feet thanks to religious footwear (holy wellingtons)
 So as the rain had stopped we had a chance to play and took Chester and Will.I.Am over the hills and far away, I got to be a pack horse and carry little t, he liked that arrangement and demonstrated this by kicking me in the kidneys every time I slowed down. We met one of the only people in the valley not called Steve on account he keeps Bees, so he is obviously called Bob the Bee (his real name is Steve) We even saw on of his busy bees on a Japonica bush, yes it was that mils and almost sunny.
Little t got to try for size, he seemed keen to go out for a hack but I think he will have to wait a few years yet. Fencing master class continued this afternoon, another 40 stakes are now holding shiny new stock fence keeping the hordes of thinges that lurk on the common off our, ahem, lush pastures.
It being the official end of the holiday season we celebrated by eating our nativity set, made from ginger bread and icing, given to us by he who cannot be named after a swift trip to Germany. This did not affect the new year diet too much as yours truly only got a few mouthfuls of stable roof, the brilliant star  and half a wise man before he was distracted by something shiny and the Berners helpfully scoffed the rest.

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Anonymous said...

I think Misty would fit Little T better. Is she rideable at all, or had any training ? I know Apollo hasn't yet, and Trevor I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.