Thursday, 17 January 2013

Almost there!

We have almost done it, got the level of live pork down to single figures after our randy boat Thor impregnated every live sow on the smallholding last year. Numbers soared over a month or so from 9 porkers to around 60!
Empty pens where once pork roamed, OK so this is where the Ryelands rampage but its a good excuse to see some of the fencing Jedi's handiwork, look at that near perfect straight line up the hill
and this gate/corral arrangement is almost sculpture,
anyway enough digression, tonight (look at this, still usable light at 5.30!) four little pigs went to another farm. It was almost too easy, missing out the part where two of the militia used yours truly as a crash mat to stop their trailer running away and damaging the back of their nice shiny silver truck (broken ribs anyone? Who says farmings dangerous?) The pigs were well behaved once the trailer was in position and I was breathing normally again.
 Happy piglets they followed the bucket of allure across the pig pens and through the tunnel of hurdles to the  trailer ramp where three dutifully trotted inside, the fourth squealed "Its a trap" and all four shot back out and so began the merry game of persuade four paranoid piglets that it really was a safer option to go into the trailer rather than go back into the pen.
 The three more trusting ones saw sense and got amongst the pig feed in the trailer while the big trouble maker tried to dig a hole under the wire (he almost made it!) where he was grabbed by yours truly and to the shout of "Hes got him" (I wasn't sure who had got who as largest piglet went mental, imagine a wheelbarrow that tries to bite your legs off, that sort of mental) I walked noisiest animal in the world to join his litter mates. Paperwork was exchanged, nice folding ones were placed in my eager grasping mitts, a split second later they were liberated by my beautiful and oh so patient wife to go to the feed the horses fund or similar (easy come easy go) and the pork was away which would have left us with single digit pork remaining had Pam not dropped the twins ten days ago.
The night has been spent preparing for 30 cm of snow, by preparing I mean finding the sledges.

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