Sunday, 20 January 2013

Surprise surprise!

Bit of a shock this morning in the med bay where Eva has taken up residence, she hadn't moved from yesterdays bed and now there was a minime Boris on the floor.
The poor lad really chose his moment to arrive, on the coldest day so far
and in a bit of a state when we found him. The fight to keep him this side of the light is on. 

Meanwhile others are still enjoying the new play stuff
lots to see and do
and Laurel and Hardy made their own bird table scoffing the cats food. By the way anyone who watches "In the night garden", well the inventor of the Pinky Ponk (google it) must have kept peacocks, they sound so similar, especially on take off.
Back on the range Frosty is clinging on to life but he doesn't look too interested in staying.

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