Friday, 11 January 2013

Get ready

This green and pleasant land, with the Bonsai Mountain on the right of the above pic is due to change colour, perhaps, to a light dusting of white, not quite, muddy white. We are prepared for snow this time (famous last words) having at least 3 weeks feed in stock and surplus two year old seasoned logs for the wood burner stored in the dry (not checked the heating oil level but fingers crossed) However given the sheer size of the rain drops falling on my head as I made my way around the smallholding tonight its going to have to be a right change in the weather to blanket us in anything noteworthy. A friend texted us to say she was changing the tyres on the Land Rover to snow tyres, just in case, now that's what I call preparation.
Morning broke with Pam looking through the lounge window making a tsk sort of noise at my bacon sarnie. Those in the know know that Pam is a pig which does give her some right in commenting on breakfast of choice as it undoubtedly contained a friend or family member and is definitely not yogurt and muesli like the diet menu plan advised. Once Pam was the right side of the pig pen and her exit barred through judicious application of 5 inch nails and a wooden pallet the morning continued quietly. More pigs are leaving HQ shortly, to be returned as sausage, pork joints and other useful bits that can either be used to keep dogs entertained or stuck on poles along the track to ward off ramblers. Once these four go there will still be 12 pigs in various locations along the linear settlement we call home. That's about 10 too many so expect further departures very soon.

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