Sunday, 6 January 2013

Spring like

The last couple of days have been markedly different, even the birds have been making their presence known. Its far too early, but it has been spring like, I was out and about in shirtsleeves most of the day and if I heard the Jedi fence master tell me it was warm once then I heard it to hyperbolic levels. Most of today was spent clearing out the last vestiges of Christmas, putting together a wooden child's chair that came with 9 wooden pieces, three cloth and 23 metal bits and because the Vietnamese packer had a peculiar sense of humour, a complete absence of instructions, stopping Pam the mentaler mangalitza from chasing Great Danes, stopping Great Danes from chasing piglets, and repairing a gate that Pam thought would look better on the floor rather than hanging from its post. One surprise (aside from stabbing myself in the finger opening a pack of our lovely sausages) was that once the gate was on the floor of the runway and Pam was at large (investigating some ramblers on the of chance they had sandwiches, God help if they did and they were ham) Trevor the pocket rocket stood in stoic silence watching the world outside and yet for once he stayed within. Not sure why he stayed waiting for the gate to be rehung, maybe it was because as soon as the gate was down Misty took off and he wanted a break.

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