Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Time goes marching on!

 Six years old!
 How has the apprentice been here that long!
 So a day of jolly fun with a birthday breakfast
 and birthday tea with Berners lurking under the table to steal small boys' pizza slices
and a very colourful Llama who did not know what was about to happen.

Pictures from the dark side of the moon

 Old rockers never die
 they just go and watch tribute bands
 which is why I was one of the youngest, and certainly one of the few without life support or zimmer frames at a
 Brit Floyd concert
 and it has to be said
even though half the original band are now dead, Pink Floyd never sounded this good. Blew Aussie Floyd off the stage as far as yours truly is concerned!


 Twenty four hours later the weather was completely different, actually it can change every 24 seconds here, but that's what makes it interesting (keep telling yourself that)
 So today was the first assault up The North Face Gully in ages
 the views haven't changed, just the maze through the gorse bushes has altered slightly through lack of use by yours truly.
 Not like Kilimanjaro but steep enough to raise the pulse and get the heart rate up.
 6 of the 8 peaks challenge.
 Bonsai Mountain summit
 Rocky posing.
 Gladestry in the middle distance.
Sheep skull lane has a new one, this is definitely not sheep, my guess its a badger. Or an ex badger to be accurate.

Always something new

 Someone has taken a distinct dislike to the hedge that runs along sheeps skull lane.
 So much so that its here, gone.
 Looks like the look out had better lookout!

 Still my favourite view.
And my new favourite film is....

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Snow line

 We went off site today into the world as part of my beautiful and oh so patient wife's training schedule for her three peaks challenge.
 Across the valley from us is a huge hill, 1 metre short of the require 600 metres to be a mountain, the views from it are spectacular.
 But not today, the higher we got the colder it got and snow arrived.
 Curiously our dogs got bigger too!
 After a successful summit we headed into the giant forest, the trees suitably frozen.
Our dogs, now normal sized loved the chance to explore a whole new world!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

A ray of sunshine

 Fanally some good weather on an early doors patrol.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Horse power!

 None shall pass!
 Mighty midget Misty using her one horse power to stop Stan in his tracks.
Not cute.

Family hounds

 Mr Bear owning the bed
 Mrs Bear owning the bed, Sven using it as a pillow, Poppy owns the sofa, rug rat MkII playing lego
 Hint from Bryn hes not been fed.
Noel and Elf with a vermin cat.