Saturday, 26 January 2013

Going green

 It rained most of the night and the mornings clear sky allowed the sun to carry on where the rain left off. Mind you it didn't leave off for long and as I type its raining cats and dogs by the bucket full so most of the white stuff has departed and throughout the day a few double take shave occurred when a huge patch of green catches you by surprise.
 The Cauldron is turning back into a swamp and the rest of the smallholding is turning back into the Somme like quagmire we are used to. The winter wonderland was nice while it lasted.
 The Berners made the most of it this morning.
 Talking of double takes my eyes could not believe what they were seeing at 5pm when on the evening feed round, two very large cheeky adult foxes trotting along the other side of the fence to me and Spotty. Quite a surprise.
If I remember in time tomorrow and if they are creatures of habit they might get a surprise of their own. This does rely on me remembering where the keys are to release Mr Beretta, and it not raining.

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