Sunday, 27 December 2009

Taking up residence

This big lad seems to have decided that he likes it here. He started hanging around a few days ago, today he was found in the annex having broken through the plywood cover over the door hole and was busily helping himself to free hay.
Geisha seems to have taken a turn for the worse, her back right leg wound has broken open revealing a massive hole and foul smelling goo. This was washed out by Tracey, after she had hit her head twice on the roof support (cheers Karl) and then the clean wound was doused in the magic blue spray. The good signs are that Geisha was happily eating while all this was going on, he lower leg has a pulse and isn't swollen or hot, the top part of her leg is also healthy. A second attempt at cleaning it and a fresh burst of blue stuff this evening went well but we are going to have to get the vet out again.
Changing the subject completely I had an e mail asking how could I break an unbreakable camera 24 hours after getting it out of the box. Hard to say really, I suppose it a knack. This is why I try never to borrow stuff, it only leads to embarrassment.
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