Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Do you want ice with that?

The big freeze continues here and like last time after five days the reservoir emptied and we have no water. A cunning plan was devised to get water from the well to the water tank that involved various bits cobbled together from the goodies I have hoarded away over the years but as it was being put together in almost total darkness in sub zero temperatures the results were far from convincing but at least all the animals all got water. Meanwhile we will have to make do without flushing toilets and are forced to start drinking the large amount of alcohol left in our care by Ben. The return of Heath Robinson will have to wait to daylight tomorrow when I am sure it will all work properly.

The reason such an important job was left until dark was because I went Christmas shopping. As ever I left it to the last minute, the only reason I didn't do it Christmas Eve as usual was that I could not be sure we would be able to get out of our lane if it was left any longer. As it was Fifi became a very large toboggan at one stage, Tracey and I got into the car, shut the doors and it started moving, slowly at first but picking up quite a turn of speed as we sledged down the track. I thump behind my left ear was all the prompting I needed to stop playing and start driving and we managed to get to the main road.

My shopping, well it was executed with military precision and completed in 45 minutes. This for me is an outstanding achievement as often when faced with the grim task of gift purchase my mind goes to green jelly and I hide in shops I like, like HMV or the model shop hoping to find inspiration amongst the Airfix kits. Then hours later I panic buy everything in the hope that something will match up to someone once I get back to sanctuary. This time I set out with a list, a plan and it worked,I got the lot. Now all I have to do is wrap them, and as I don't have the gift wrapping gene this is another ordeal to be faced before I can truly relax.
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