Sunday, 13 December 2009

Death Trap

The round bale holder in this blurry picture might look innocuous enough but we found two dead sheep in it the other day. Our goat Maggie is, as I type, somewhere across the fields bothering the local militias sheep in her quest to find an equally love sick billy goat. Her unfortunate companions are having to contend with a horned multicoloured maniac in their midst. Some sought solace in the hay on offer in the feeder, unfortunately two of them stuck their heads through the gaps in the bars, ate their fill and being the woolly brained non academic types couldn't figure out that as they ate their way down the bale the gaps in the bars narrowed. All they needed to do was stand up a bit tall and they could have escaped with ease, as it was they struggled and pulled until they exhausted themselves. They have an immense capacity for self harm you see, and so unable to move they were attacked by birds and having had vital organs pecked out died a painful death side by side. The militia removed the bodies today. Its not only us that has inexplicably stupid animals, I sometimes wonder if Darwin had been a smallholder how it might have affected the theory of evolution.
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