Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 review

Its been a strange year and for the record 2009 wont go down as our best. Its not all been bad, there have been some great moments like Ben coming back from the war, crossing the finish line of the Great TODO, the birth of the puppies, Beth's 21st and Trevor's double page spread in the newspaper.
There have also been some truly shattering moments like the death of Tracey's father, Derrick, and the death of three other family members, the betrayal by those we thought of as friends, the panic every time the phone rang at odd hours while Ben was fighting and our current employment crisis.
However, despite the current troubles faced by man and beast at Rock HQ, we have been overwhelmed by the support of friends old and new, the help given by our family and so as we say goodbye to 2009 with some sense of relief that it is over we are looking forward to the future and are certain that all will be well in our world. Things to look forward to include the arrival of Hetty the cow, the birth of Misty's foal, possibly another litter of pups and the sale of the goats. It is a wonderful place to live and we know we are very fortunate.
So to all of you that have helped us achieve this dream, to those who have given so much help Tracey and I thank you with all our hearts. To all of you who read these pages, and there are a lot of you, have a very happy end to 2009 and we hope 2010 brings you all that you wish for and all that you deserve.
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