Sunday, 20 December 2009

Dawn of a new ice age

Today turned out quite differently to planned, nothing unusual there then, as we were confined to barracks due to ice. Last nights expected snow arrived but mixed in with heavy freezing rain turning our part of the world into a very exciting place to be. Comedy moments were aplenty as animals and humans fought off the inevitable effects of super slippy floor covering and gravity. Ebony, the puma like Ryeland sheep scored a strike on the ten runner ducks knocking them into next week as she ran across the yard to get to the corn put out for the poultry, found she couldn't stop and bowled the unfortunate ducks over.

As Rene is out of action Fifi focus was no match for the meteorological phenomenon, she did bravely attempt to break out from the ice as we were due to go to a 21st party but as she floundered sideways narrowly avoiding intimacy with the concrete mixer all flights from HQ were grounded.

Instead we baked, we walked across to see some cute puppies (see Dolyhir site for that pic) and prepared for a marathon TV session as the BBC were showing a classic, The Eagle Has Landed. With the ground too dangerous to work on I had a bombproof excuse to sit in front of the box and enjoy. No beers or popcorn to go with it but I would have to make do. It was going to be a good afternoon.

The phone rang just at the crucial moment with the child and the waterwheel, the Technohermit, "Hello I got no water.Its all froze up. "

Choices. Carry on watching Michael Caine alter the course of WW2 or set out with a container of water in a blizzard for a cuppa with the hermit. The Technohermit makes a good cuppa, as long as you ignore the taste so I forsook Michael, donned my Arctic gear and muttering the immortal farewell, "I'm going outside, I may be some time" waved goodbye to my beautiful but totally uninterested in war films wife who was sat glued to the screen and slid around the bonsai mountain.

If only everyone demonstrated such commitment I thought as I trudged back again this time with his dinner and another gallon of water. MrTesco was tasked with delivering our Christmas this evening but due to the drive being a luge has not kept his part of the bargain. Even offering to meet him in the Oracle's yard with a wheelbarrow could not persuade him to venture out into our ice field with his nice shiny and as yet undamaged van. I shall give him another 24 hours then I'm going to set the Technohermit on him as he has a knack of getting things delivered.
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