Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Making progress

Work continues today at Rock HQ despite the weather and my dark mood. Tracey as ever provided the inspiration to get things done otherwise I might have just stood in the rain sulking but between us we sorted out the workshop, this entailed another bonfire where I burnt all the stuff I saved from the last workshop clear out, well nearly all of it. The smoke in the above picture isn't actually from our fire, it looks like its from over the Oracles direction. There is a small pile of goodies I salvaged from the flames hidden behind the kennel block on the proviso that I might just need a broken domino's box. Hoarding is a hard habit to break.

So now the workshop is once again a clear and open space and the frame of the roof on the annex was masterfully assembled by the Stable Sprite so hopefully by tomorrow we shall have a water proof shell on the building which will mean that for the first time in three years we might be able to drain the pool at the end of the workshop. The frogs who rather cheekily took up residence will no doubt be disappointed at this sudden progress but they have had plenty of warning to move on so they will have to get used to the great outdoors again. What are they going to do about it any way? Croak at me in a menacing manner? I shall have to cope.
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