Friday, 11 December 2009

Pea soup

We went around our bonsai mountain today, these are some of the views we would have seen had there not been thick fog. So thick in fact that I managed to walk completely around the hill, over onto the ridge and walk a complete circle without realising. I was somewhat surprised to find a finger post pointing on my left, the Whet stone on my right when I was, according to my very accurate and never failing internal map of the world expecting it to A) be the other way around and B) not be there for another half mile. Luckily being a fully qualified mountain leader I bluffed the mistake and pretended that I was where I thought I was and set off back along the track homeward bound. Finally I made it into the safety of Rock HQ to find Tracey, my oh so patient wife wondering if she should phone the BMR (Bonsai Mountain Rescue) to look for one idiot and five Berners.
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