Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A touch of frost

This morning the usual routine demanded special care and attention as the whole yard was a sheet of ice. Not the pretty sparkly ice crystals as in the picture above but the deep black thick treacherous slip you up type ice that eagerly awaits sudden impact and breaking bones.

Negotiating such a hazard took skills I last used on Mt Blanc and at one stage while I was considering my next step across the sea of ice to the safety of the stable block I really did think about returning to the workshop and putting on my crampons.

Once I made it to the sanctuary of the stable block all was well until the return trip to the cottage. What was a gentle slope as I approached it uphill now looking back resembled a treacherous crevasse and there was no way back without risking serious injury.

I solved the problem by scattering a hundred pound bag of sand over ice field which instantly transformed it into a non slip surface. Now I could approach the front door with confidence, I was safe, I wasn't going to fall over.

Pity I missed a Bernese Mountain Dog who was intent on being first to the front door. He didn't miss me. You would be amazed how quickly a 55 kg dog can disappear when they have to.

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