Thursday, 25 December 2008

Dreaming of a white Christmas!

Dream on! Its as grey and dull here as the rest of the UK today, but this is how we can look in the snow so Happy Christmas to all of you.
It would be hard to choose the best bit of the day, its been great despite still suffering the effects of a chest infection after the flu. I am sure the doc was clear about the benefits of anti biotic and alcohol so I haven't held myself back and taken every opportunity to sample different offerings of festive spirits!

The animals were all well behaved and joy to be with today, the dogs have been spoilt rotten from sampling goats cheese to home cured hams they have loved the Christmas feast. The horses made pigs of themselves on the carrots, the pigs made er pigs of themselves on the fruit and veg offerings. The day has been a joyous family occasion and I have counted my blessings.

The best bits, well two really on top of everything, taking Mad Keith the technohermit a Christmas Dinner, the day is like any other day for him but you could tell he was happy to get a Turkey and all the bits dinner. The best bit, my present from Beth, a T shirt, the first of the Tales From The Rock Productions.

It has a picture of Trevor, Trevor is a cult, find him.
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