Friday, 19 December 2008

Plague House

Ben has left Rock HQ to go visiting in Ireland, having been very generous and shared his flu bugs with me, I have done the decent thing and given it to Tracey. Beth has so far escaped, probably because she has been at her boyfriends so hasn't had the exposure to the germs he brought back from sunnier climes.
Its been a real effort getting the rounds done with a throat like razors, every joint aching, a streaming nose and a pounding head but Tracey managed it admirably whilst I lent against the stable door for support and directed operations.
The goats have found a new way to supplement their diets, they are taking the fat balls down from the trees and bird table and eating them.
Patches and Pixie are growing daily and Patches shows signs of wanting to achieve pet status by falling over when she has her tummy tickled. Some pigs have no pride.
The majority of the day has passed in a blur of lemsips and assorted medicines that all claim to stop colds all in one. So far no effect other than a nasty taste. If we are not better tomorrow I think we should paint a large red cross on the door to warn people to stay away.

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