Saturday, 27 December 2008

Big Bernese Welcome

We have had several walkers through our patch the last two days, all of which have been lucky enough to be made welcome by the Rock HQ gang, some of which are seen above giving Tracey some fuss.

The walkers have divided into the two types, the cheerful friendly types and the grumpy miserable head down types. Honestly, I ask you, would you really walk through someones garden, get within ten feet of them and still try to avoid any form of human discourse? The one chap had to be forced to say Hello after I made it quite clear that my cheery Good Morning was in fact directed at you mate, yes you who are now all of 8 feet away from me I am actually talking to you, have you heard me? He begrudgingly looked up and muttered what passed as a greeting before shoving his hands further into his anorak and glowering once more from under his hand knitted bobble hat the beardy walker stomped past and into The Cauldron. If being outdoors makes you that miserable stay at home mate!

Another chap was much more friendly and engaged in conversation whilst I struggled to keep hold of two Bernese Mountain Dogs who wanted to greet him with muddy paws, he was in fact so chatty that his diversion gave the Ryelands enough time to steal a bucket of food whilst Tracey and I politely agreed with the nice young man that yes there were more sheep dogs than dogs.

He set off into the sunshine of The Cauldron after the grumpy one. Takes all sorts, and we get them all here!

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