Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Tall tails

This is Trevor, a shitland pony who has his own cult, see Trevor Shetland on facebook to see if you can join him. He has for the last five day been living in the garden as the Bernese Lodgers have taken up residence in his stable. This has passed without incident until tonight when the adventurous little pony got himself stuck on the ledge at the base of the cliff at the back of the house. First indication that anything wrong was a huge amount of leaf rustling from above the stable roof. A quick search with the torch illuminated the problem, a little 33 inch high monster too scared to find the path in the darkness. This meant your truly had to brave the cliff face and lead the little monster down. Unusually for us this went like clockwork and he was soon returned to his warm and cosy stable as the Berners have gone home. A couple of victory rolls in the sawdust and he was back to normal. Biting everything!

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