Monday, 1 December 2008

Cabin Fever

I was on a day off today so instead of getting on with my to do list I took advantage of the sunshine and headed off up the hill. Mad Keith was out and about, he waved enthusiastically before returning to his foraging for wood, he seemed cheerful enough.
The dogs and I spent a while just sat in the sunshine on top of the hill looking down at Rock HQ.
Still in shadow the fields were all frozen and I could see a small black speck. William was having a snooze.
It took thirty minutes to finish our stroll, the dogs going mental after rabbits who had the bad manners to pop down their burrows rather than stay and be eaten. By the time we got back to Rock HQ the sun was just starting to find its way into our part of the valley finally clearing the ranch of the ice that's been here for three days.
The to do list could wait, I spent most of the day in the sunshine with the horses and dogs. Be rude not to!

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