Saturday, 6 December 2008

Bad mood rising

Trevor the little Shitland Pony was in an absolute foul temper this morning. Before he even got out of his stable he tried to take chunks out of my arm as I unlocked the gate. Then while I opened the gate he did the time honoured, never boring, catch me if you can routine racing up and down the lane while I struggled to stay upright in the mud and open the gate to Willow Rise.

Having hoofed Reba in the chops cutting her lip the thunder of tiny hooves alerted me to the fact he had calmed down a bit and was perhaps ready to go into the field. I just managed to get the gate out of his way before he crashed through and performed his party piece of rolling in the dirt.

As can be seen from the clip above pony and owner nearly came to blows, it was only Trevor's quick reactions that saved me from having hoof prints on my forehead.

He might be mental but he is totally adorable.

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