Monday, 15 December 2008

Me and my shadows!

Hooray its a Holiday!!
I am lucky enough to have a generous employer who gives me a lot of annual leave so I home alone this week and catching up on jobs as well as getting ready for Christmas.
Hardly alone, there are some 60 animals here that need looking after aside from Ben and Bethan who are "helping" so its just Tracey thats had to go out to work.
Whatever I do or where ever I am on the smallholding as you can see above shadows are never far away.
Always watching.


Andy McMaster said...

You do realise that as soon as I read the 'Hooray, It's a holiday' then the Boney M song invaded my head AND NOW WON'T GO AWAY! :-)

Nice shots of the dogs (and above). It's amazing how dogs come sometimes look so evil and other times so stoopid!

Enjoy the holiday. I've got one more day to og then that's me until the 5th.

All the best


Tony said...

And who can forget the classic "By the Rivers of Babylon..."

All together now!

Andy McMaster said...


Tony said...

So now you are on holiday :)

Time to sing!

A real song!

Brown girl in the ring
Tra la la la la