Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Due to the cold weather we have put the bird feeders out and loaded the bird table with all sorts of tempting goodies. Our garden has a wide range of bird life, from the usual sparrows and wrens through to the more exotic like redstarts, gold and fire crests and an amazing variety of tits. Childish I know but I cant help but smile every time I tell Tracey about the tits in the garden. We have even had a buzzard dive into the pond and take off with a very fat and very unlucky frog.

The only problem with enticing so many birds into the garden is pictured above. He and his three amigos are determined to boost their diet by depleting the bird population. We often return from work and find the remnants of some poor bird whose reactions were not quick enough to get them out of the way. Tracey once put her wellington on and found a dead blue tit in the toe cap.

Still, the ones that get away, they are a testimony to Darwin.
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