Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Last minute dash

Instead of having a peaceful run into Christmas with everything well planned and prepared today has been a manic dash to get everything done whilst incorporating visits to doctors, chemists who closed, chemists who took half an hour to hand over a packet, food shop, card drop, sudden realisation that actually we hadn't bought the kids a present so back out from the ranch into town to sort that one. So not including the usual antics of the animals who all needed their every whims met it has been a full on day. I have baked the Christmas cake, better late than never, roasted a whole leg of ham, prepared the veg and stuffed the turkey. The cottage smells of Christmas spice not damp dog, a lovely change!

But now the fires lit, the dogs are quiet, the kids are out, I have stopped coughing long enough to sip my first g and t of the holiday and we are ready.

An advert has just been on the TV reminding us we don't have any crackers.

Cant get everything right in 12 hours!

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