Thursday, 1 March 2012

Garden planning

Its been another glorious day on the Bonsai Mountain, perhaps the 5th sunny day in a row, inevitably attention is turning to the "garden" or warzone. The vegetation and trees have fought gallantly against marauding hordes of hoofed beast determined to eat their fill, the end result of this onslaught is defoliation on an almost agent orange scale. One green house has been ruined by hungry goats keen to exploit the fig tree and grape vines, and a mental cow who took to sleeping in it after making her own entrance, and then a different exit, just in case. Plans are afoot to rectify the wreckage, part of which is the demise of Ambrose our last long range goat who is about to make a contribution to Rock HQ other than stripping the bark off the fruit trees. Our new version Anglo Nubian being agoraphobic is a much better form of goat and as she hates outdoors is environmentally friendly. I am going to be a bit more sensible about what we plant though, our first year here I planted dozens of everything and got precious little in return, I mean no one really needs to plant twenty types of melon do they? Especially when you end up with no actual melons for your hard work.

Day 1 30 30 Hill lvl 12 10.4km

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