Tuesday, 13 March 2012

All gone

The weathers playing games, the weekend was blazing sunshine and 18 degrees, last two days has been foggy, today temperatures barely getting into double figures. The fog today was the really wet heavy stuff, soaking everything, almost rain but not quite and it didn't lift at all. This left me with a dilemma, the last of the pig feed was distributed amongst the trainee rashers, once again I was to make the journey with Trixie to get a load of feed. Whilst this load is definitely the last load that at least three of the pigs enjoy (mind you I have said that about the previous two loads) the thought of driving towing Trixie in a regular pea souper with no lights was at best illegal, at worst suicidal. The lights are in several pieces after some shitlands used them as bum scratchers.

I took a chance the last time with one half of one light missing, now all four are missing so no brake lights, lights or indicators. New plan, go to work, buy a trailer back board light thingamy at lunchtime, skive off early and fetch feed. Good plan. Epic fail. Lack of colleagues meant I had to stay at work actually working, chizz chizz, and then I forgot to get the trailer board (for once my beautiful and oh so patient wife's logic deserted her as she told me not to worry I could buy one from the farmers superstore where I collecting the feed from. How do I get there oh patient one I enquired. Oh yes you need the trailer board...I knew better than to gloat)and anyway the fog got worse and to cap it all Hazel was out of fuel. Tomorrow the pigs are all on Instant Energy horse food (not sure what effect it will have, something from wind to psychosis continuum) as a tide them over while the deficits in fetch pig feed plan are resolved and executed.
Day 13 30 30 lvl 14 outdoor training 13km (Ok computer, Radiohead)

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